Virtual Reality in Entertainment and Education

Virtual reality has reached a new dimension and far to go.

Virtual Reality in Entertainment and Education

Virtual Reality in Entertainment and Education


Virtualization is the way to involve movies, gaming, entertainment, and education in reality, even when we are playing and watching them. It is a way to change our society to a modern village where people will have their virtual expression even when they are dreaming at night. Most people are using Computers and the Internet now to be more connected to the world and talk to each other by a simple video call. 


What if you talk to your partner through Virtual reality that gives you a great feeling of his presence near you? The next generation is going to have their application and software used by Wall format glass which can present him into your home through a super projector. 


The virtual reality is going to change our entertainment and education system. If I clearly explain on the matter, it would be a paragraph. So what? We should know about it.


VR Schooling and lessons

Virtualization enables students to learn their lessons in a way as if they are enjoying a vacation. Suppose you’re studying something about a world war, and you can enjoy all the lessons lively with the VR which gives you an adventure artificially. All the passages and experiences would be story-based. So, students can understand their lessons quickly with a cheerful mind and implement them on researching such as science and technology. 


Gaming, Movie and Touring through the virtualization

Our generation is playing computer games online or offline using the joystick and incredible graphics and sound quality. How is the world going to be at the next level? All the gamers would love to play their favorite game through virtual reality so that they can get the best feeling. No internal or external devices would be necessary to install a game and play throughout. A real gamer can play his favorite game by using their body language. Architectural glass formation and connecting VR on your eyes will turn your room to an adventurous area. Wouldn’t it be awesome to play a live game by being present in a different place?


Movies would be so real and live. People can enjoy watching movies through virtualization, and it feels like you’re just beside the actor and actress as well as you would be in a severe mind of watching the video. Your concentration wouldn’t break until you’re turning the VR off. But, I suggest they fear ghosts not to watch a scary or horror movie. It would make them scream and cry! 


Who doesn’t love to visit places around the world? What if you stay at home and take a world tour through virtualization. It is going to feel you as reality. Because you can see all the places live and being present there, but I’m sorry if you’re foody, you can’t eat your favorite dishes! It’s a temporary touring where the VR users can take a real look over their exciting places. If I tell about the museums, admittedly, it is going to make you learn most of the thing you didn’t see before. If You’re living in India but wish to take a tour at the London museum, it would be possible by the virtual reality, and it is going to happen soon. You can take a short trip, feel of a live game and watch movies in a full mood over the virtualization. 


So, we agree on a matter that virtualization is going to change our education system and entertainment surely. It is a great invention of modern technology to gift our future generation to learn efficiently by schooling and have fun from the entertainment section. But, there are some side effects of virtualization too. 

No doubt we are going to achieve an advanced technology which helps our next generation to invent better technologies and familiar ingredients. Because of being so much addictive there in the virtualization may harm their psychological fitness and sociology. Teenagers would be busier, enjoying virtualization more than having a natural chat with their parents. Pornography would be a destructive issue to have a bad influence on teenagers. 


So, virtualization is going to gift us a glorious era, but we wish to have our good psychology at this stage and don’t misuse our digitalization.