Unsinkable Metal’s Scientism and Superhydrophobic Theory

After a hundred years of a massive disaster like the sinking of the Titanic, there has been a significant transformation to science and technology.

Unsinkable Metal’s Scientism and Superhydrophobic Theory
Superhydrophobic Unsinkable Metal
Unsinkable Metal’s Scientism and Superhydrophobic Theory

Unsinkable Metal’s Scientism and Superhydrophobic Theory


Costa Concordia, an Italian sea vehicle, sank instantly after a monster strikes down the hail of Isola del Giglio. It results in 32 people dead but fortunately two hundred and fifty passengers got rescued by helicopters and motorbikes successfully. But, How does it didn’t sink like the Titanic?

Firstly, Costa Concordia has no damage like the Titanic as it just hit a rare rock under the ocean. But, The Titanic hit an Iceberg, and It’s surface pierce to the numerous section. Water could quickly enter the central area of the cruise and make its weigh heavier to sink. 

At the point, both of the ships were damaged by their surface but didn’t get an option to restrict water from getting inside. Many more incidents are available even after a century later and today! 

But You will amaze to hear that the University of Rochester invented the theory of an unsinkable metal that doesn’t go deep into the water even after getting apart. The Rochester team was probably going to announce the novel recently! 


But How’s this possible?

Here I introduce you to the superhydrophobic theory of the surface of a sheep or metallic boat which stays unsinkable even after pierced too many pieces. 

After a hundred years of a massive disaster like the sinking of the Titanic, there has been a significant transformation to science and technology. The nanotechnology makes an incredible change to reform things waterproof, unsinkable and comfortable at size to carry out. If I write on the examples, it can be an SD card as well as a monster sea cruiser. 

Using the structure of the nanotechnology, the elite part of a sea cruiser made. And, it keeps repelling water and traps air in complex surfaces with a very micro area outside. So that, bubbles produced at the micro area restrict water to enter inside, and heavy metal floats even after having numerous damage in it.

Two aluminum plates are facing each other at the unsinkable metal, which has high gravity to each other. So, the metal stays magnetic inside and consume enough air between it and restrict water to rise into the surface. It’s totally like the Waterproof theory which has been applying to the metal to make vessels afloat. 

Unsinkable metal would be an amaze over the developing area.

The laser under the surface is called Femtosecond laser which is one-millionth of a millionth of a second. It helps the metal to float back even if it has been just pushed into the surface of a cattle of water. One of the scientists from the Rochester submits his collaboration over changing the development behind the industrial area using this superhydrophobic metal. Let’s know about the revenue of this latest invention:


Keep things waterproof

Unsinkable metal would be very much significant to keep expensive home chores and Smartphone strongly water-resistant. Suppose you’ve just bought your iPhone eleven and it goes under the water when you are on an adventure. How does it feel? Heartbreaking, right?  

But, the Bouncy theory of this hydrophobic theory keeps your phone afloat and saves from drowning. Not only just phone; Ornaments, Electronics, and vehicles can be safe from sinking!


Help vessels not to sink

Today’s technology to keep vessels bouncy in the ocean is investing practical effort on the research. But, Rochester could invent the super metal to keep the ship’s surface afloat even if it faces enormous damage. Researching the foundation of Rochester says no matter the metal is being pierced too many pieces; it will remain supernatant. Isn’t it a new significance to modern technology?


Ensure a safe environment 

We usually notice how people pollute nature and start peeing around the roadside of a town. But, Using the hydrophobic metal plate at the ground could be a great decision to restrict such peoples from pee here and there.  


Beneficial to military enforcement

During the training session, Navy seals would be very much benefited. Water-resistant compass, radar, tank, helicopter, weapons, and their unique types of equipment can be a significant part of military enforcement.   


In conclusion, we should admit that ‘superhydrophobic unsinkable metal’ theory is a paradigm of modern technology. Upcoming generations can save their lives from tremendous damage.