Twitch source code, creator earnings exposed in 125GB leak

The recent mass leak of Twitch data has been revealed. Reportedly divulging confidential company information and streamers' earnings. More than 100GB of data was posted online on Wednesday.

Twitch source code, creator earnings exposed in 125GB leak

Live video broadcasting service Twitch was hit by a massive attack that exposed 125GB of the company's data. In a 4chan thread posted (and deleted) Wednesday, an anonymous user shared a data dump torrent file. The dump contains the company's source code and details of the money earned by the creators of Twitch.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the company said "update the community as soon as additional information is available".

Note: As the research keeps into assessing the overall impact, Twitch states at the moment there may be no proof to signify that login credentials have been leaked. Additionally, Twitch does now no longer keep complete credit score card numbers and as such confirms those have been now no longer, and couldn't be exposed.

Notably, the 125GB archive is titled "Part One," alluding to the possibility of future leaks.

An anonymous Twitch source confirmed to Video Games Chronicle that the leaked data, including Twitch's source code, is legitimate. According to the company source, the data was obtained as recently as Monday.

Fortnite streamer and another streamer confirmed and told BBC News that the earnings list was 100% accurate.