Tiktok's New Challenge, Skull-Breaker is Dangerous

TikTok's skull-breaker challenge injured adolescents as it is dangerous

Tiktok's New Challenge, Skull-Breaker is Dangerous


Tiktok's New Challenge, Skull-Breaker is Dangerous


TikTok is now dangerous instead of being funny. A new skull-breaker challenge injures teenagers in the US and UK. 

Being a viral video platform, TikTok is a craze for the youngsters. They want to get a reaction from their followers. It can bring them instant fame.

It is good until they show their creativity on this platform. But getting fame from hurting others is not at all smart, but it is dangerous.


Such a trend now running on TikTok is the skull-breaker challenge. This challenge is a prank including three people where two standing both sides of the third kicks in the legs while the third jumps over. As a result, the third one falls.

For performing this prank on another and assaulting him, US prosecutors charged two teenagers. They also warned parents to stop their children from getting involved in this type of pranks.

TikTok confirms that they will remove such dangerous content from their platform.

In an updated post, TikTok confirms this. It says, "We do not allow content that encourages or replicates dangerous challenges that might lead to injury. In fact, it's a violation of our community guidelines, and we will continue to remove this type of content from our platform."

It is not wise to hurt a family member or friends and make its video to be viral on any platform like TikTok. The content relating skull-breaking challenge is not funny and can not belong to the TikTok platform anymore.

Besides, TikTok suggests its users make a report if they find any content related to this dumb challenge.


TikTok also confirms that it has added text underneath #skullbreakerchallenge so that users do not imitate such dangerous stunts as they can lead to severe injury and death.

A teenage girl from the Uk was a victim of the prank, and her mother wrote in her Facebook post, "Please, please if you have teenagers doing TikToks, do not let them get involved in this. I'm sitting in [accident and emergency] with my daughter with a severe spinal injury."

She added a photo with the post. In that picture, she is in the hospital with her daughter, who is wearing a neck brace for the injury from the skull-breaker challenge. She also added the image in which her daughter became the victim of the prank.

Similarly, the Camden County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey charged the other two youngsters for injuring the victim severely.


Jill S Mayer, a prosecutor urges parents to be careful and talk to their children about what devastating consequences these social media challenges bring. She says, "While the challenge may seem funny or get views on social media platforms, they can have long-lasting health consequences." 

In Camden, a 13-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital after getting a severe injury from that prank.

Similar cases are evident in other states like Alabama, Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

It is good news that some TikTok users started warning others to stay away from this prank by posting videos on this platform.