The powerful States with Nuclear Bombs

Today, how powerful a state depends on the number of nuclear weapons it has.

The powerful States with Nuclear Bombs
Nuclear Bombs
The powerful States with Nuclear Bombs

The powerful States with Nuclear Bombs  


Since the Second World War, the intensity of the nerve wars between powerful states has increased with the competition for huge destructive nuclear bombs. At present, diplomatic analysts are not worried about where the competition for these destructive bombs will stop.


A report published on July 9, 2017, says that atomic bombs are present in nine countries. However, employing various agreements, powerful states are reducing the production of nuclear bombs. 


The most powerful weapons in the world are nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs. The power of the atomic bomb is universal but even more powerful is the hydrogen bomb.


Nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs -If any one of these explodes, the entire world will suffer the consequences.

Now let us know how many nuclear bombs are there state-wise in the world: 

1. Russia:

Russia currently has the largest number of nuclear bombs. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Capri, Russia currently has a total of seven thousand such bombs. Russia first tested a nuclear bomb in 1949.

2. America:

The United States made the first nuclear bomb and was the only country to use it in war. It is estimated that the country now has about 6.8k nuclear bombs.

3. France:

France always patrols at least one submarine with a nuclear bomb. France has about 300 nuclear warheads.

4. China:

China is currently hitting America economically. The state is far behind America in terms of nuclear bombs. China has 270 nuclear bombs although the numbers are lower than Russia or the United States; the country is slowly increasing this number. It is possible to drop these bombs on the ground, in the sky or the sea. 

5. United Kingdom:

The country was the first to conduct a nuclear test in 1952; the permanent member of the UN Security Council. The UK has 215 atomic bombs. 

6. Pakistan:

Pakistan is currently one of the most dangerous states in the world. Pakistan is known as the arena of terrorists. There are more than 130 nuclear bombs near the country. Many fear that the country's war with its neighbor may turn into a nuclear war.

7. India:

The reserves of atomic bombs from the country range from 125 to 130. India launches its first nuclear test in 1974. India, however, has said that they will not hit any country, and they will never use such bombs against countries that do not have nuclear bombs.

8. Israel:

Israel has yet to publicly say nothing about its country's nuclear program. The country is thought to have 80+ nuclear warheads.

9. North Korea:

North Korea's Kim Jong-un has now become the world's most feared leader. He had already publicly threatened to destroy the US with a nuclear bomb. North Korea is estimated to have about 20 nuclear bombs.

Some other facts on the deadly weapon

In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, atom bombs were not yet discovered.

However, the scientists only knew that a powerful explosion could be happened through breaking down an atom and that it was powerful enough to destroy an entire city by a single explosion. And such a weapon alone was enough to turn the war forever and ever, in defeat to Hitler's forces in World War II. 


Albert Einstein assisted scientists in formulating atom bombs through many sources. By far he was the first to realize the fact that the atom bomb was possible, and his achievement made him apprehensive. So he told the then American President Roosevelt his doubts.


The president responded to his call and started the "Manhattan" project, which was one of the world's largest science and research projects. Canada and the current United Kingdom were allies in the project. It was such a large project that more than two million people worked on the project.


The first bomb made by this project was a successful explosion in the Mexican desert on 16th July 1945, and the equivalent of an explosion of 18000 tons of TNT. The bombs were named "Littleboy" and "Fatman" respectively. As a result of Japan’s attack on “Pearl Harbor” in Huawei, the USA released the two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About two million people died in these two blasts. This is the first instance of an atomic attack.