Facebook will pay Content Moderators Working from Home. 

Facebook's content moderators in the US working as the third party will get paid for working from home. 

Google Urges Staff to Work from Home for Coronavirus Outbreak.

Google follows other companies' footprint to ensure staff health and orders them to work from home. 

Tiktok's New Challenge, Skull-Breaker is Dangerous

TikTok's skull-breaker challenge injured adolescents as it is dangerous

Coronavirus Forces Twitter Staff to Carry on Working from...

Coronavirus outbreak is ongoing, and Twitter orders staff to work from home

How to Search from Google For Your Academic Research

Some tactics for completing better research efficiently. 

No More Google Drive. Google One Coming Up

Now Google has some low-cost plans.

How Google Search Changes Us?

Google is the most widely used search engine worldwide. 

Twitter in Business; A Super E-Commerce Strategy

Getting Tweeted and Tweet something valuable both are very important in Twitter.

Types of Software

Software is an invisible component in the PCs, but the range of its utility is immense.