Artificial Intelligence

Pros and Cons Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has changed the face of the world. In fact, the whole world is now occupied by artificial...

The Emergence of Social Robots: How Ai Will Assist Us in...

A social robot is an autonomous robot. It maintains interaction with humans or other physical agents.

Driverless Car: A Dream Come True

There are lots of driverless car, even driverless car by google is also available. Today we will talk about driverless cars pros and...

AI in Discovering Powerful Antibiotics

AI, with its Machine learning capacity, finds out molecules as powerful antibiotics worth fighting against ‘untreatable’ bacteria

The World's First Artificial Human 'Neon'

Samsung shows a glimpse of Neon in CES.

Artificial Intelligence (AIs)| Fair or not?

What can happen to us for using Artificial intelligence (AI) in the future?

History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was founded in ancient Greek myths. Aristotle’s first gave an idea of artificial intelligence and robots by...

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Sophia

Sophia is the most advanced robot in the modern era. It is a humanoid or human-like robot. It is our dream that leads to future AI.