Technology in Agriculture

How can we save agriculture before it reaches to a coma?

Technology in Agriculture
Technology in Agriculture
Technology in Agriculture

Technology in Agriculture 


We are in an era where technology growing rapidly. Technology is making rural areas modern and cities are growing bigger day by day. For this, the number of farming land is decreasing day by day because of increasing people. So, agriculture needs a quick boost up badly. Also, people are not comforted to do farming, they try to do a job in the industrial area. Due to these reasons, agriculture is on a constant threat. We need food and grains and so we need to increase agricultural work and farming. But how can we do this with less land and fewer farming people? The solution is here.

Modern agriculture depends on innovation because nearly everything is adverse now in many nations. Agriculture faces a huge challenge such as labor shortage, price spiral of their supplies and poor supply chain management. Modern science and technology can be a solution to this challenge. The world is also investing in agriculture technology. Last year, it was more than $1.9 billion. Major technologies, which take place in this innovation, are automation and robotics, indoor vertical farming, livestock technology, modern greenhouse practices, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.  


Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 

Many countries already absorbed AI in agricultural work. They use many remote sensors in their AI devices and use satellite data to predict the temperature, humidity, soil condition, and monitor the plants. The sensor also gathers data 24/7 that helps the farmer to know about the condition of the ground and can understand what will be the next step. The sensor takes data. There is an algorithm to process the data. As output, the algorithm predicts all info which, needs to do better and efficient farming.


Farm Automation

Farm automation is another term of the new technology. Farm automation is increasing rapidly. Many companies take a bow to innovate new automation devices for farming. Such as autonomous tractor, drones, automatic watering, seeding robot, etc. This kind of technology affects a lot in farming to automate crops production.  

The primary goal of this technology is to farming easily with less cost and efficiency. This automation can be the solution to farm labor shortage, facing the large population by growing more crops in a small land, prevent the hard work of people. The automation of the farm changed the mentality of people. They found these new technologies besides traditional agriculture. 


Livestock Farming Technology

Modern technology doesn’t keep omission between livestock farming. Technology also plays a vital role here.  Livestock management is a business that combines dairy farms, cattle ranches, poultry farms, and other agribusinesses. Normally the care of this livestock is very hard also very costly. Technology reduces the cost and provides the proper care of those. 

In farms, the technology uses a sensor that surveys the animal of the farm all the time. And sends valuable data. By analyzing the data using algorithm people can get accurate info about all of those animals. And this information will help to make a discussion about the farm. ‘Connected cow’ is a new concept that monitors the health and increases productivity in more dairy herds. So, animals’ and livestock’s productivity capacity, welfare, or management increases eventually.


Precision Agriculture

Every commercial farm is largely dependent on technology. Technology gives a great hand to agricultural companies to grow more and maximize productivity. It does this job by controlling moisture levels, soil conditions, pest stress, sand micro-climates. Some advanced technology can assist in planting and growing crops. The farmers are now able to manage costs and increase efficiency with precise agriculture. 

Precision agriculture companies are hoping to have a great future. According to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. experts predict that the precision agriculture market to reach $43.4 billion by 2025.

The new generation with more knowledge of technology is rapidly encouraging to come to agricultural professions. They are adopting more flexible startups to maximize crop production systematically. 

There is much more technology which can save our agriculture. No matter how huge the population or how less the land is. Technology is always on duty to help.