Technologies That Changed the Concept of War Overnight

Modern warfare is thoroughly upgraded with advanced technology.

Technologies That Changed the Concept of War Overnight
Technologies That Changed the Concept of War
Technologies That Changed the Concept of War Overnight

Technologies That Changed the Concept of War Overnight.


The history of human civilization and warfare probably began at the same time. This culture of harassment and oppression of people has been prevalent in human society for thousands of years. And people have invented countless technologies to show the power in this distorted culture. From Horse-drawn war chariot and great bow to modern 3rd generation, tanks and 5th generation multirole jet fighters are all the result of this constant effort. The nature of warfare and different adaptation to the changes in human civilization. Some of these become critical in determining the outcome of the war. For example, after the tank departed, there was no more cost to the army on horseback. Several technologies have changed the appearance of war. Some of these technologies discussed here.


Fly by Wire

Aviation was a difficult task for a time. In the past, manual efforts were all to control gear to withstand air pressure. Manual control appeared to be a significant problem for later jet engines or powerful and fast propeller-powered aircraft.

Trying to control these large planes with only manual control is a matter of urgency. So, fly by wire technology invented.

Fly by wire technology works through electricity. As the pilot moves the yoke or the side stick (airlock), the information goes to the computer or any such calculating machine. Then it sends the same signal to the sensor in other parts of the aircraft. The whole thing controlled by wire, so the name is "Wire fly." One of the significant advantages of this technology is that it gives aviation control power during storms or sky warfare. Moreover, many aircraft have left in the hands of the computer only to enter the required information. Since modern multirole warship pilots have to solve many tasks simultaneously, fly-by-wire technology is essential in these aircraft.




Tomahawk Missiles

The latest US Tomahawk missile is a cruise missile. They can fly fast, with the bottom of the radar, catching the radar. These missiles, capable of operating at speeds of up to 5 miles an hour, can be hit perfectly with their GPS systems. The missiles played a vital role in the total war that destroyed the Iraqi army in just seven days in the Gulf War. More than fifty missiles fired at Syrian forces recently under the direction of Donald Trump.



Space Weapons

Space weapons were the crop of the famous space race that was going on between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. Space weapons started in the eighties under the US President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, Buster Wars. Whether destroying orbiting satellites or under surveillance over opponents, aerospace studies have poured a lot of money into powerful countries like China, Russia, and the United States. The United States has also begun researching laser rays emitted from space around the 20th century. There is a contract like the Salt II, as well as being so expensive that no country is currently doing much with space weapons. However, it is a matter of great fear that countries capable of placing nuclear weapons in the orbit of the world.


Stealth Warship

Generally, the position of enemy warships is known using radio frequency and infrared ray. What if a warship created that remains undetected using radar or other technology?

This idea is the origin of stealth aircraft. In reality, an airplane cannot disappear completely. But stealth aircraft can hide their existence much better than other aircraft using sophisticated technology. In the meantime, the United States has built stealth aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit, F-22 Raptor, or F-4 Lightning II. These are extremely expensive. Although their skills not tested in the air war, stealth aircraft have traditionally brought about a revolution in the history of warships. Russia is also conducting tests with its stealth aircraft Sukhoi Su-1. The 5th generation warship will become the primary weapon of the Air Force in the years ahead.



Small-scale remote-control aircraft. They used for surveillance, weapons deployment, or civilian work. Many countries, including the United States, Russia, India, Iran, Italy, have missile-equipped drones. The most significant advantage of drones is that their construction costs are much lower than modern warships.

Moreover, those who control the drone, their lives are never in danger. Drone control usually is done through remote control on the far guard. Many drones also have their computer systems.

From drone strikes to civilians in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, too many countries around the world, terrorists have died and gone. Shortly, drones may become the primary weapon of the Air Force.