Introductions Of Hawking's Books

Hawking has written numerous books on the origin of the universe and our existence, despite leaving behind numerous scientific research papers and lecture notes

Introductions Of Hawking's Books
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Professor Stephen William Hawking, a well-known physicist of our time. Born exactly 300 years after Galileo's death, the astronomer breathed his last on March 14, 2018, Einstein's birthday. This popular scientist with a great sense of humor always made sure that his work could be easily understood by the common people. That is why he has written numerous books on the origin of the universe and our existence, despite leaving behind numerous scientific research papers and lecture notes. As part of the world's tribute to scientist Stephen William Hawking, let's learn about this extraordinary man through the books he wrote:


My Brief History

My Brief History

In this very short autobiography, Hawking draws a brief history of his life. In the book, Hawking writes about an almost impossible period from his post-war childhood in London to becoming an internationally recognized science celebrity. This Stephen Hawking's book contains pictures of some of his rare moments, as well as a curious schoolboy whom his classmates called "Einstein", known to be betting on the existence of the Hawking Black Hole with one of his colleagues. In the book, she writes about the difficult times when a young husband and father struggled to take their place at the World Academy.

The Grand Design

When the universe was created, how? Why are we here? What is the nature of reality? What does science explain about this seemingly grand design of the universe? In his book The Grand Design, Hawking presents all the modern doctrines of science at the same time with his scientific genius and simplicity.


A Brief History of Time

Was there a beginning of time? Can time go backward? Is the universe infinite at all, or does it have any boundaries? Many of these old questions have been considered in this well-known book. At the beginning of the book, there is an explanation of all the theories of scientists Newton and Einstein about the universe. The pages of the book contain traces of space and time from massive explosions to black holes, and analysis from spiral galaxies to string theory. His book is unimaginably a bestseller. Stephen Hawking's this book sold about 10 million copies, although Hawking himself knew it had become known as "the best-selling book ever." Because it is almost impossible for the average reader to grasp the meaning of this book, which is filled with so many equations of mathematics, astronomy, and physics.


A Briefer History of Time

Although called "Briefer", this book is much more than an analysis of Hawking's previous book, A Brief History of Time. In this book, he has thoroughly explained the most advanced aspects of astrophysics, from mathematical analysis to the search for a unified theory of all the forces of physics. The book's 36 full-color illustrations make it to a unique height in the history of science, a must-read not only for physicists but also for science lovers.


Black Holes

"Truth is more wonderful than imagination", this proverb is most appropriate in the case of black holes. The black hole is more wonderful than the science fiction writer's dream. In 2016, Professor Hawking gave a lecture on the BBC about black holes. It was in this lecture that he argued that if we only knew about the black hole and how this black hole changed the nature of space-time, we would be able to unravel the mystery of the universe. This book is about the beginning and the end of this black hole.


George And the Blue Moon

George and the Blue Moon
In this science fiction book for kids written together with daughter Lucy, George and Annie rush to find the answer to a mystery of cosmic space. Can there be living inside an ice crust? Where did the robots come from and who is controlling them? Also, this science fiction book, rich in scientific answers to all the questions about space and scientific answers given by all the famous scientists published in various scientific journals, is in Hawking's own words "the most exceptional thriller I have ever written".
Hawking and his daughter Lucy have written several other fictions for children in the George series, including George and the Unbreakable Code, George and the Big Bang, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, and George's Secret Key to the Universe. These science fictions are not just fiction, the books are written as a unique testimony to Lucy's imagination and the latest discoveries in astronomy, mathematical analysis, and Hawking's own genius. 

The Universe in a Nutshell:

In this book, published in 2001, Hawking takes us to an end in theoretical physics where truth is more mysterious than imagination. This book explains the way the universe works. In this book, Hawking writes about a universal theory sought after, from super-gravity to super-symmetry, from quantum theory to m-theory, from holography to duality. If you don't understand something after reading his famous "A Brief History of Time", you can try to read this book.


Black Holes and Baby Universe:

This Hawking's book is about all of Stephen Hawking's theoretical works on rich black holes, where he is sometimes a curious man, sometimes a complete cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.


On the Shoulders of Giants:

The book is a story. He wrote this unimaginable story using scientific papers from Einstein, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton. Hawking explained how the research papers of these scientists changed the course of science, how people have been moving from the barbarism of the Middle Ages to the path of a modern world through the hands of astronomy and physics.


The Large Scale Structure of Space-time:

This book is basically a textbook for physicists. Written in 1973, this book explains the hypothetical phenomena of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. Explains how giant stars become smaller by gravity, and then how they move invisibly into space and occupy space as black holes and create their own spheres of influence.


God Created the Integers:

Stephen Hawking's book on unforgettable works in the history of mathematics was on his list of personal favorites. In the book, he writes about the best discoveries in the history of mathematics over 2500 years, as well as the work of famous mathematicians such as Euclid, Georg Cantor, Kurt Godel, Augustine Cousin, Bernhard Riemann, and Alan Turing. The book will be an outstanding creation for any mathematician for a long time to come.

The man, who contracted Motor Neurone disease in 1963 at the age of 21, has 13 honorary degrees in his life, hundreds of medals, awards, and honors. In 2007, he became the first immobile person to experience weight loss on a special plane to encourage people to travel in space. About two and a half hundred scientific research papers of this man living in a wheelchair have been published in all the world-famous journals, which may be rare in the vicinity of people who just understand the headlines. If you don't believe you can turn to his official website, you will get tired before the end of the huge publication list.

Hawking has also appeared on several popular TV shows outside of theoretical research. These include "The Simpsons", "Red Dwarf", "The Big Bang Theory". His hologram picture has also been shown in the Star Trek movie. His words spoken with a voice synthesizer have been used on an album by rock band Pink Floyd.

Deep respect and love to this unique man forever.