Some Harsh Research in Medical Science

Not all researches are good for you.

Some Harsh Research in Medical Science
Research in Medical Science
Some Harsh Research in Medical Science

Some Harsh Research in Medical Science.


Science always works to save humanity. By continuing these studies, medical science has come so far. In the past, thousands of people died without treatment for not having available antidote to the epidemic. Research has found ways to eradicate these diseases. As a result, people are now recovering from complicated conditions, where all the achievements are in medical science. For the betterment of humans, medical science adopts some researches that got the inhumane tags after being made public. Let's talk about those kinds of research.


1. Three Identical Stranger:

A group of psychologists conducted a secret experiment in 1960-1970 to find out the results of the process of raising children. They separated the newly born triplets, and the thirties and different families adopted them. Children grow up in different families. Everything was going the same way, but it was disturbing when the trios found each other in 1980! They marveled at each other, wondering how two people in two families could look alike! Even more, surprises awaited before them. At one point in the conversation, they decide to uncover the truth.

Then comes out the mystery of seeing them the same, the children of the same mother! They separated for the entire 20 years from birth only for one study. After that, the family gets together. But inside they are filled with anger, hatred, and frustration. One of three brothers, Edward Galland, committed suicide in 1995 after failing to accept the pain of separation. Pediatric psychiatrists Peter Neubauer and Viola Bernard led the study. They said, "The purpose of the study was to observe how differently-abled children develop their personality."

However, the question for everyone is, how can you keep the children of one family separate from one another? It is nothing but inhumanity.


2. Monster Study:

In 1939, a speech pathologist at the University of Iowa in America conducted a study on 22 orphan children, the subject of the study being 'Speech Therapy'. One group of children who have no speech problems are practiced to keep up the usual conversation, and the rest are practiced to stammering. Although the babies inherently sound science their birth, they were unable to speak at a time without stammering. In later life, the children who learned to stammer could no longer be

normal. All of them have devoted themselves to social activities and unconcerned about their life. This test was upon to average child, so this test named "Monster Study."

But Wendell Johnson, head of the secret research, claims that the purpose of this study was to show the obstacles of a stammering child faces in the social life.


3. Stanford Prison Experiment:

In 1971, a group of psychologists at Stanford University thought they would observe how a reasonable person responds when they are in a hostile environment. Professor Philip Zimbardo, who was leading the team, according to his direction, a group of college educators took part in a fun exam. Where there was a fake prison, and students will play the role of an officer and prisoner in two parts.

In the first place, the enthusiasm that went into the game did not last more.

Because the who acted as officers began to carry out physical, mental torture on those acting as the prisoner in prison. However, they were given considerable freedom to do so. Besides, those who tortured ones broke down mentally and found themselves in a state of criminality, even though they were in no real prison! On the other hand, the officers who played their part in torturing them had a harsh and disoriented feeling inside them.


4. Auschwitz concentration camp:

The study of people at a concentration camp in Germany is probably the most shocking in the history of the world. The time was 1940; German forces are unbeatable in World War II. Begun to bring people to concentration camps regularly. Joseph Mengele, a prisoner with a captive, made a terrible plan. He thought he would conduct tests on prisoners to find out the consequences of infectious diseases and the use of chemical weapons. Then began a new journey of inhumanity. Most of the people on whom Mengele tested were Jewish. Romani, Sinti, Polish, and disabled German citizens were selected. Medical torture started on them, resulting in countless deaths in the first phase.

Many of the survivors lose their senses; lose certain body parts. Some detainees kept in shallow temperatures and low-pressure environments, which intended to test whether German troops could survive in such conditions.

After the war, Mengele and his assistants put on trial for this inhumane study, but Joseph Mengele fled to South America by chance.