Social media's appearance in the present world

Social media sites can earn you money and entertainment together. 

Social media's appearance in the present world
Social Media
Social media's appearance in the present world

Social media's appearance in the present world


Social media platforms are those sites where people love to stay, scroll newsfeeds to see trending news, having a chat and post their days. At the very first stage of the Internet, social media wasn't very much likable to the people as they had no easy option to use them. The Internet was not so accessible then. 


Yahoo was a popular media then to stay in connection with their favorite profiles. Now, there are thousands of social networking sites that cheer us to have our world in our touch. Here, we would like to discuss the top social media platforms and how their performance on the global population. 


We can specify the popular social media sites into two categories. They are:

  1. Business profile
  2. Hangout and entertaining profile


Business profile

A business profile is mainly those social platforms that let audiences to earn some money besides having entertainment (Examples; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium ETC). I'll be in a great discussion today. Stay tuned! 



Facebook has billions of active users which are estimated 2.25 billion based on 2019! 

Users from different places of the world are using this Facebook media out of their interest to have a great part-time schedule. People remain active here to scroll newsfeed to get trending news around the world and their friends. But, trusting on the global audiences.

Facebook authority commanded to let audiences make a business profile if they want to. But, how can you turn Facebook to the money earning site?

Creating a Facebook page and group: A Facebook page lets you set your business profile by uploading an incredible banner and profile picture. Plus, you can add a great description and your E-commerce website URL, which lets people trust you and buy from your E-commerce platform. 

You can make a commercial group if you have 5000 friends and huge followers even if you don't have. Still, once you let people join publicly to your group, You'll earn a massive benefit from there, Facebook drives audiences to your website which increase your earnings from the Adsense, Affiliate marketing and online shopping.  



YouTube is the only first-class video site to get nonstop video watched. Creating a channel on YouTube can disclose your luck if you upload entertaining and exclusive videos. Increasing viewers and subscribers get you to earn the right amount. Ryan Toys Review, a seven years old kid makes $22 million through his channel by the cooperate of his family members! He was the top earner of 2019. Isn't it incredible? 

You can also boost your business by making a vast video portfolio and uploading them to your YouTube channel. It is a strategy to promote your sell overnight.



Mark Zuckerberg added Instagram to the Facebook community and concluded advantageous features as Instagram Business profile and IGTV for long estimating videos. You can attach your website to the Instagram profile Intro, and through IGTV, you can let people know what your business is. 

One billion users are active here globally, and 50% of the audiences are using this platform as a significant market strategy. 



About two hundred plus users remain here to get a permalink for their business or having a connection with the high profiles. Not only Twitter lets you have a chat with the people around your place or activity, but also you can promote your business by boosting your post or using popular hashtags. Twitter has fame on real profiles. 

It owns 90% of profiles which is real and not fake on bio-data. A prediction says than, within the next five years, Twitter would be an excellent marketplace for hiring top employees around the world and getting a permanent job by great companies. 



LinkedIn is more than a social media platform and similar to a modern marketplace to have a look for a new job schedule. If you're already in a market, you can use this LinkedIn as a great resume to get an easy appointment. 

LinkedIn profile let you share worksheet, using business strategy and sharing useful thoughts for the professionals to get their comments and learn more. 

Modern business technology highly appreciates the LinkedIn profile for a successful platform to do all the commercial things as Interview, Boosting LinkedIn profile or posts, takeaway work presentation, Maintaining E-commerce information and many more. 



Only photo-sharing sites to hyperlink your website and WebPages which drive instant traffics to your website. Two hundred and fifty million users are connected here to share their webpages to get people more information about their business or blog. 

You can also get a high do-follow link from here. So, what are you waiting? Join the first photo-sharing contest of millions today!




Medium is a free content publishing site where you can publish your article indicating your business. Also, you can read suggestive writings for free, but some of them are paid too for the premium users. 




Explanation of hangouts and entertaining profile

These kinds of social media platforms are very much active to have fun, share and looping some entertainment in free time (Examples: WhatsApp, Messenger, TIKTOK, Snapchat, Viber, QQ ETC). 

Explanation of Business profile based on the examples of great money earning APPS



WhatsApp is the mobile application that connected more than 1.5 billion active users to manage the audio call, having free video chat and free messaging. There are thousands of beautiful emojis to make you fall in love with it. You can make a WhatsApp group and do hangouts even after your University classes or office hour. 




Similar to WhatsApp, Messenger let you get connected to the free messaging, call and video chat but only with your Facebook friends. Around 1.3 billion users are having their lovely days with Facebook messenger. 

You can say, Messenger has helped Facebook to get a successful journey worldwide with the free conversational feature. You can also play online games, use GIF and share personal documents to the friends around you.




It is a Chinese app that is very much popular with Chinese teenagers but usable to the 80 countries via their language. You can scroll newsfeed, hang out and watch a movie here. It has 860 million active users but 70% of its users from China. 





TIKTOK is the short video platform that lets you do lisp with audio and allow acting. You'll be amazed to know that TIKTOK has its most users of ASIA, but it has been covering the western part very efficiently. 

TIKTOK had broken all the records of downloading at the 20'18. Teenagers like it very much, which makes estimated users of 500 million.   




Snapchat is the social and global platform which allows you to create short videos like TIKTOK with a particular meme or Retro effect that entertains its users to capture fanny images. Social media users are a big fan of Snapchat, especially teenager girls.