Smartwatch NO.1 DT78| New gadget of 2020

Smartwatch NO.1 DT78| New gadget of 2020 in an affordable price

Smartwatch NO.1 DT78| New gadget of 2020
Smartwatch NO.1 DT78

Smartwatch NO.1 DT78| New gadget of 2020


The new generation is fond of new technologies. Also, technologies are going up day by day. Smartwatch is another revolutionary invention of this new era. Today we will know about a smartwatch, which is nice looking, less price and includes more features. It is DT78 Round Smartwatch.

This watch is a new invention of DT NO.1 Company. They try to add many smart features in this gadget and keep the price in a catching range. First of all, the gadget specification,

  • This watch comes with 1.3inch round screen
  • Screen resolution 240*240 IPS
  • Battery capacity 230mAh
  • SRAM 128kb,Flash 512 KB
  • Power supply Magnetic charge
  • Full touch screen
  • Support Android 4.4 and above
  • IOS system version 8.4 and above
  • Built-in BT antenna
  • Bluetooth V4 2.4GHz
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Dynamic optical heart rate sensor, an acceleration sensor

Price in the market

This beautiful gadget costs only around 29.99$. Some online shops also set a discount sometime then this gadget comes to 25.86$ to 26.99$.

All features in a look

  • Heartbeat rate counter
  • Step counter(can measure run or walking movement)
  • Notification on screen
  • Blood pressure, blood oxygen checker(but the company said it is not 100% accurate)
  • Bluetooth music
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Remote photography(can connect the mobile camera to capture)
  • Stopwatch, countdown
  • Screen brightness controller


Some special features

Beautiful and changeable dial:

This watch comes with many different dial setup. Its more than 15 dial setup. People can change the view of the dial before his fancy. There is a dial setup for casual also for formal dress code. No chance to get bored for a long time use the same looking dial.

Full-screen touch display:

In this time, numbers of smartwatch come with a touch screen, but those are not full touch screens. Those watch either one-touch or fake full touch screen (side screen touch does not work though). The screen looks classy and sleek. Moreover, the display spread over the full screen, which makes the gadget more decorous.

Strap changes facility:

Quick-release strap it takes one second to release. Anytime can change the strap with style and color mood. Alternatively, by matching with dress strap can set.

Health assistant:

This gadget can measure the all-scientific movement. This provides a real-time heart rate. It also can measure blood pressure and blood oxygen. This gadget uses sensors and through algorithm gives the results. But it’s not 100% accurate but very closer to accurate.

Physical exercise helper:

This smartwatch can count any movement; it can be running, walking, cycling, playing or swimming. It gives whole day support indoor, outdoor or any activities. Lastly shows the entire day workout.

Smart notification:

This gadget can connect with smart mobile through Bluetooth. This watch can notify any message, information, SMS reminder, WeChat notification, schedule reminder, call reminder that arrives on mobile.

Intelligent sleeping statistic:

Automatic record and analyze daily sleep and can suggest quality sleep. This gadget can identify awake, light sleep, deep sleep.

Waterproof support:

This gadget got IP68 waterproof and dustproof. However, the manufacturer company forbade not wearing while bathing or swimming, do not soak in water, and keeps distance from hot water, soap or other corrosive liquids.

Battery lifetime after a one-time charge:

The watch comes with a 230mAh battery, which supports it for up to 5 days. But it depends on the user. For heavy use, it can be 2 or 3 days a lifetime.


Comparison and Which features make DT78 special from other smartwatches?

First of all, the price range, which attracts people to this gadget. Because this gadget contains many smart features in this price range, the second thing is it looks like it to same Amazfit GTR smartwatch, which BD price is 11000BDT. GTR comes with more features then DT78 but not very much. The third point is the market there are many smartwatches available in the same price range, but those watches have not so much feature as DT78, and those watches look not so gorgeous then DT78.

So, the price range, the features with multi-style and gorgeous looking will attract you before this gadget