Should Drones Be Used in Modern Warfare?

Unscrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which are popularly known as drones, had been remarkably playing pivotal roles in the field of war for an extended period.

Should Drones Be Used in Modern Warfare?
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Should Drones Be Used in Modern Warfare?


Unscrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which are popularly known as drones, had been remarkably playing pivotal roles in the field of war for an extended period. Though they have been widely known since when the US military has been using them to control terrorism throughout the world, they were also used in the Second World War even in the First World War as well, of course, in different formats, in different names. The difference is that drones were not as modernized and well equipped at that time as they are now.

But as time marched on, with the advancement of science and technology, they got advanced too. The use of these uncrewed vehicles grew exponentially when the US military used them against the terrorists to seek revenge for the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Initially, no weapons were used along with drones. But in 2000 US military lost Osama Bin Laden even after spotting him with the help of drones. Then in the battle against terrorism, drones with weapons helped the US to reduce terror-attack threats to a remarkable extent. The plus point of using drones are many such as it assures the safety of ground troops to a great extent because they can be observed from every angle possible. As the military officials don't need to be present physically in the dangerous surroundings of war, it also ensures the safety of their lives because drones can be directed from an office room. It reassures 24/7 surveillance on the target which manpower cannot do. It also reduces collateral damage to civilian life as it fixes the goal precisely and accurately, unlike the other traditional war weapons like bombs, mines, etc. That's how drone strikes save the lives of many innocent civilians.

But there are disadvantages also. The emotional attachment that the warriors have types of blood while attending actual war and killing people that are lost because conducting drone strikes are like playing video games. It is like pressing buttons to end someone's life.

Again, it agitates the innocent civilians who see that their near and dear ones become the victims of drone strikes despite being innocent. It helps the terrorists get benefits because many civilians join them in anger. They also think that using drones is kind of intruding into their privacy.

Another drawback of using drones in war is that it eliminates the chance of interrogating the terrorists who could have been provided vital Information and documents regarding national and international security. But drone strikes just kill the target, and the possibility is lost.

After the discussion of both positives and negatives of using drones in warfare..." Should it be continuously used in modern warfare?"...that is the burning question. Well, the issue is debatable. Using drones reduces a lot of costs, time, and also some innocent lives on both sides (military and civilians). Moreover, it also overcomes the obstacles like crossing the borders of any country in no time.

But we must consider the other side also. Using drones should follow specific rules and laws. It should not be used randomly for any personal interest. Targets should be verified with the utmost care, and the process of verification should have clarification.

Besides, the particular concern should be given on the matter that the advanced tech drones must not be available to the terrorists. Otherwise, they would use them against developed countries and kill many innocent people.

Some people who oppose drone strikes in warfare argue that if it is used widely, someday the system will be robotized, and the machine will decide whom to kill without making decisions from human beings. This is a matter of great concern.

In a nutshell, using drones has been an inevitable part of the war against terrorism nowadays. Surely it will continue to assist the military shortly. But we must be careful and keep this use under the supervision of proper laws so that the misuse can be avoided.