Sealand | The Smallest Country in The World

Sealand is the smallest country in the world, standing as a platform amidst of wide-open blue ocean

Sealand | The Smallest Country in The World

Sealand | The Smallest Country in The World



Sealand is even smaller than the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. But there is one country other than the Vatican, which, although other countries in the world have not yet recognized, claim to be a self-sufficient country or micronation. And not only that, according to their claim, it is the smallest country in the world.


Principality of Sealand

The Principality of Sealand is briefly located six miles off the British coast. This Sealand has been here for almost fifty years. It is a maritime fortress founded by Britain in World War II. 'Rufus Tower' was its first name. Its task was to counter enemy aircraft, monitor, and report German mines stationed in the English waters. During World War II, it was home for soldiers, the number of soldiers about 150-300. At the same time, there were various radar equipment, two six-inch guns, and two 3mm Anti-aircraft automatic cannon. In 1956, the Royal Navy declared it abandoned. 


The structure of the Sealand

The main structure of Sealand built on top of a sizeable sinking ship. In 1942, a giant floating plane was taken as a ferry. Then two concrete pile towers added to the roof so that other structures could be built on top of it. Each of these two towers was seven steroids in total. This used for the maintenance of food and sleeping rooms, warehouses, and various plantations. After its construction, three tugboats sail it into a 'rough stand.' After brought here, this vast plane is submerged in water. As a result, it serves as the basis for the entire structure. The area of all structures above is 15 yards * 40 yards.


History of Sealand

At the end of the war, when the need for seals was exhausted, the Royal Navy left with all their equipment. As a result, this infrastructure abandoned for several years. Then, in 1967, an illegal wireless broadcaster took place here. They started using this space as their helicopter-landing pad and started living here comfortably. But their comfort did not last long. In September of that year, another illegal radio broadcaster, Roy Bates, evicted earlier occupants of the site and occupied the site.

Nevertheless, the tower could no longer be wireless. Because then there was some change in the law of the sea. And by that change, wireless broadcasting outside the British area was illegal.

But Bates don’t go away from here. He took full control of it and declared it the 'Principality of Sealand', a sovereign and independent state. The infrastructure was in the international watershed. No other country in the world owns this international watershed. No country has control here. Also, it was outside the then controlled area of England. As a result, the Royal Navy could not intervene here.

In the meantime, while some isolated groups and smuggling teams tried to occupy Sealand, Paddy Roy Bates resisted them and drove them out of his area. Then the Constitution of the State released from Seland in 1975. Within a few years, their flag, national anthem, postage stamps, coins, and passports were introduced. The national emblem and seal of Seland is designed according to the national motto "E Mare Libertas," which means "freedom from the sea.”

After ten years, the Declaration of Independence, in August 1978, a German and Dutch diamond business team invited Paddy Roy Bates to Austria for a business trip. Upon arriving in Austria, Roy and his wife Joan welcomed by a group of five people and taken to a business conference. The Bates family comes to the conference, but the conference ends without much discussion. After that, Bates got a piece of news while staying in Austria that someone occupies Sealand. When the family reunited after the incident, the Bates family collected some weapons and manpower. Among them was a pilot working in the best James Bond movies. After that, they all set out on a recovery operation in Sealand. Soon the occupation team of Seland surrendered. They detained for several days as war criminals. Thus, Seland regained its independence.

After many years in 2012, Paddy Roy bates died. Although no country in the world recognizes the sovereignty and legitimacy of Seland, it is the most known small state in the world. There are only one building and a helipad in Sealand. According to current authorities, 27 people are living here. However, only four of them live here permanently.