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Are Bats Dangerous: Why Do So Many Viruses Live In Bats?

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How Do Plants Make Their Own Food?

Let’s know how do plants make their own food? And why trees food making process is so important that it becomes our oxygen source.

​​​​​​​Let’s find out the history of antibiotics timeline

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Penicillin | A Mistake Changing the World

Fleming's Penicillin invention opened a new era in the development of treatment

Coronavirus Treatments| 80 Clinical Trials Are Going On

WHO attempts to arrange trials that include traditional Chinese medicines, stem cells, and HIV drugs

Some Harsh Research in Medical Science

Not all researches are good for you.

History of Biological Science

The evolution of Biology and the contribution of Scientist.

From Father of Zoology to Present

Hippocrates, the Greek physician is the father of Zoology. Now a Days its becoming more advance.