Top 5 scariest planets in the universe

Let’s talk about the scariest planets in the universe. And we are going to write very basic of their details. They might be the most dangerous planet in the universe.

Top 5 scariest planets in the universe
Top 5 scariest planets in the universe

This universe is so large that we have no idea about its exact size. There are more Scariest planets in the universe than there are dust particles on our earth.

In today's article, we will talk about some of the strangest and most mysterious planets discovered in this vast universe. Which will surprise you a lot! Some of them are even, Scariest planets in the universe too!


Diamond Planet

The real name of this strange planet is "55 Cancri E", the most surprising and funny thing about this planet is that the whole planet is made of diamonds! Discovered in 2004, this planet weighs almost three times as much as our Earth.

After the discovery, scientists were surprised to find that about one-third of the planet is made of solid diamonds. Just as we know that diamonds are made of carbon, while most of the planet is carbon.

Scientists believe that due to the gravitational pull of this planet made of carbon, many parts of carbon have turned into diamonds. This strange planet has a sun of its own, and the name of that sun is "55 Cancri A". Because the Sun is so close to Diamond, the planet's temperature is very close to 1600 degrees Celsius.

Diamond is one of the most precious substances on our planet, and the planet is worth about 27 nonillion. It is important to understand the value of nonlinearity in order to realize its true value.

There are thirty zeros after 1 in a nonillion number, and then you realize just how valuable this planet is in terms of price!

Kepler 452-B

In 2015, NASA discovered the planet Kepler 452-B. Also, like our Earth, this planet has its own Sun, and the surprising information is that the distance of our Earth from the Sun is exactly the same as the distance of Kepler 452-B to its own Sun.

And the scientists were very surprised by the weather on this planet because this planet has the same potential for water, soil, and air as our Earth.

Due to this strange combination of weather, the possibility of life on this planet is very strong. Interestingly, many have named the planet "Earth 2.0" because of its many similarities with Earth.

It takes our earth about 365 days to complete the rotation of the sun. Kepler 452-B, on the other hand, took about 365 days to orbit its own Sun, J-2.

 This means that it takes about 365 days to complete one year on this planet. In addition, our Sun is about 4.6 billion years old and the Sun of Kepler 452-B is about six billion years old.

Since the climate of this planet is very similar to that of Earth and so there is a strong possibility of the development of life here. But in spite of this great potential, the question may arise as to why we are unable to find out the existence of life there.

Scientists say the reason for this is that the planet is about 1400 light-years from Earth, and so you may have figured out just how long it would take for the current technology spacecraft to reach this planet. If in the future we can build a spacecraft using any more advanced technology, then one day we will definitely reach this planet.


H, D 189773– B


You will be amazed to know about this Scariest planet in the universe that it rains on this planet but it is not water but glass rain! Scientists say that the planet's atmosphere is made up of silica and that we find silica in the sand on Earth.

Note that glass is mainly made of this silica. Besides, the glass rain on this planet is not normal rain, because the wind speed on the planet is about eight thousand seven hundred kilometers per hour.

The temperature of this strange planet is about nine hundred and thirty degrees Celsius. And because of the planet's high temperatures, the silica particles in the air melt and transform into the glass.


Gliese 436 – B

The planet was discovered in 2004 along with Diamond Planet. The strangest thing about the planet is that the whole planet is ice burning in the fire! It's amazing to hear how the whole planet is burning in the fire even after it is made of ice! Surprisingly, this information is the only truth about this planet.

The temperature of this planet is about 450 degrees Celsius, which means that the temperature of this planet, which is completely covered with ice, is very hot. And because of this, scientists say, the gravity of the planet is very strong.

That is why if the ice melts due to the high temperature, the steam will not be able to rise to the top but will continue to flow towards the planet again, and again it will turn into ice. The whole process goes on like this and as a result, this planet made of ice has been burning for millions of years!

Also, the shape of this planet is close to the planet Neptune in our solar system and it takes only two days and fifteen hours to orbit its own sun once.


Titan-- Scariest planets in the universe

All the planets we've been talking about for so long are far, far away from our solar system. But now the planet we are going to talk about is in our solar system. This Titan is also called the moon of Saturn by many. This moon of Saturn is Titan just like the moon of our earth.

The planet's climate is so dense that before 2005, scientists could not understand exactly what is in the planet's atmosphere. Since 2015, scientists have discovered some amazing information about this planet. This planet is filled with river channels just like our Earth. But the surprising thing is that the temperature of this planet is so cold that everything is frozen ice. The temperature of this planet is about minus 179 degrees Celsius!

The natural methane gas of this planet is not in the form of vapor but has become liquid. And the river drains I've been talking about for so long are all made of this liquid methane gas! And the rain and clouds in the atmosphere here are also made of this methane gas.

So far, scientists have only known about 24 percent of the planet. And in these 24 percent of the world, there is so much natural gas that is almost a hundred times more than the natural gas in the world!