Operation Protective Edge | A War of Demise

"Operation Protective Age" between Israel and Gaza.

Operation Protective Edge | A War of Demise
Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge | A War of Demise


Operation Protective Edge is also known as "Operation Strong Cliff" started back in 2014.

Some also call it the Gaza war. General people were so angry at this military operation that no one says anything about the war. And the most shocking of all is about 2300 numbers of Palestine died only in 50 days in this Operation Protective Edge war.  The Israeli army played a vital role in this war to provoke the mouldered relation between Israel and Philistine.

It started in 2014, on July 8. Israel attacks Hamas in southern Gaza There were allegations against the Palestinians that they could attack the rocket bomb at any time. Also, Hamas members were accused of killing and abducting Israeli children and teenagers. Therefore, to chasten Palestinians, including Hamas, was to kill thousands of people as an easy way for them.

Until now, it considered Israel's most significant victory against Palestine. According to the UN, the biggest scandal in the conflict between Israel and Palestine since the Gaza Valley has been in place for 50 days, which was a big fester chapter.

Almost every year, there is a conflict between Israel and Palestine, but there has never been so much loss of service. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, congratulated the Israeli army and Shin Bet (The Israeli security agency) for the operation. Although Hamas has called for stern action against it, there has been no real resistance.

In 2014 on June 12, Israel decided to take stringent action against Hamas based on allegations that three members of Hamas kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers. Meanwhile, Hamas members kidnapped Israeli teenagers that were true. Their main aim was to bring Israel to the attention of the international community, lift their siege from the Gaza Valley, end the political isolation of Palestine, release the imprisoned Palestinians, and end the entire war between the two countries. Based on a BBC report Its knew that Hamas members launched a rocket bomb from Gaza Valley in response to Israel took air raids on Gaza.

On 16 July 2018, Hamas and Islamic Jihad submitted their claims to the Israeli government. With the intervention of the UN, the war ceasefire for five hours on July 17. During the ceasefire, five armed Hamas members were crossing the Palestinian territory of Gaza into Israel through a tunnel that caught sight of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). The IDF destroyed the other end of the tunnel and blocked the entrance of Hamas members into the country. Later, on July 20, Israeli forces began a fierce battle to enter Palestine through a city near Gaza.

About 10000 Palestinians assemble on the west coast of Gaza in protest of the Israeli invasion. Among them, two-person were killed by the Israeli army, which participated in the protest. Yet the Palestinians did not stop. Meanwhile, around 150 Hamas soldiers surrendered to the IDF in the face of Israeli guns, and they were questioned about the Hamas operation. According to reports, Israeli airstrikes on July 25 and killed Salah Abu Hasnain, the head of the Islamic Jihad's military wing. On July 26, the two countries agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire. Hamas has not agreed if Israel wants to extend the break for another 24 hours. In those days, the number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Valley has exceeded thousands of homes. In August, the United States and the United Nations said that Israel and Palestine had declared a 72-hour ceasefire.

According to the United States and Israel, the conditions for a ceasefire were that during this time, Israel would destroy any secret tunnel that entered their territory. But Hamas said no such condition was ever mentioned. And while Israel is invading them with smuggling, it would be detrimental to Palestine, rather than just closing the tunnel. At that time, while continuing these talks, the wat started again. Israel blames Hamas for this war. Hamas launched its first attack in 5 minutes at the start of the ceasefire. Israelis are planning a next attack in the Rafah area after a tunnel break, and Palestinians hit an Israeli cantonment, killing an Israeli officer named Hadar Golding. According to the Palestinians, Israel launched its first attack after the ceasefire began. In the name of breaking down the tunnel, they demolished five buildings in the Palestine-dominated part. Hamas suicide bombing kills two more Israeli soldiers.

On August 3, the IDF removed most of the troops from Gaza Valley. The war ceasefire for 72 hours, and it seems like the ending of this war. But at a sudden on 19 august, Hamas strikes 29 rocket bombs. In response, Israel used airstrike and killed nine philistines.  On August 22 to 26, more than seven hundred rocket bomb and mortar shells were attacked in Israel, resulting in the deaths of 3 Israelis. After that, Israel and Hamas agree on a ceasefire on August 26. It ended with a bloody battle of seven weeks. By the UN report between this time, 2314 philistine people were killed.