No More Google Drive. Google One Coming Up

Now Google has some low-cost plans.

No More Google Drive. Google One Coming Up

No More Google Drive. Google One Coming Up.


Google drive is known to us as online storage. Where we can store our photos, videos, files, folder, etc. However, Google announced in May this year a new version of their online storage service, Google Drive, called “Google 1”. Although there is no significant difference between Google Drive and Google 1, the noticeable change is in the cost of using this storage service, where Google has some low-cost plans. 


This new service automatically launched for Google to drive users in the United States. However, it has not been open to new users for so long. The Google One service has been opened for them in the US since 2018. Google One has added many more features for users. For example - seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with the ability to contact expertise, so that users can find solutions to any problem immediately. And in the future, users will have the added advantage of using Google Play and Google search hotels.


Google One vs Google Drive

Google one came with the same feature, such as Google drive but in a new version. Some new feature came in Google one. Let’s know about it;

Features same as Google drive:

•    Store everything: You can store all files and folders in Google one as before Google drive. It can be photos, videos, documents, files (pdf, rar), and music files. Also, you can store your photos in original quality. You can save these files up to 15GB free as Google drive.

•    Let your memories sharp: Let your minds bright: Keep your pictures and videos in full resolution and do not worry about space. There is plenty of space with Google Photos to save photos at their original standard, so your memories can stay sharp at all times.

•    Security issues: No worry about your security issues. You can store all your essential work, files, and good memories. It will protect by Google industry-leading security. Google cares about your safety, and they secure the cloud for your storage.

•    Automatic backup: If Google one is on your phone, it is essential to you. Because Google one takes all pictures, contacts, messages backup with your Android phone. So no chance to lost any critical data.


New features except for Google drive:

•    24/7 Experts: Google one take the right decision to serve their customer. Google expert team is always there 24/7 for any help and query. If you face any problem with their product, they will help you.

•    Family members included in your plan: Google one give the chance to share your project with your family member. You can add up to five-person to your plan who can use the storage. They can store their files and other essential things they need as their storage. Also, they can access the other benefits of Google one.

An extra feature of Google one is, customers can take benefits from other Google products such as special hotel pricing, Google plays with more on the way.

Cost of Google one plan as storage

Google changes the plan cost than Google drive. It is less than Google drive.

Up to 5GB of storage can use free on Google one, just like the previous Google drive. For 100GB space cost $1.77 per month and $19 per annum. For 200GB google fixed the cost as $2.95 per month and $30 per annum. For 2TB space costs $9.50 per month and $95.50 per annum. And more than two terabytes of storage costs have been kept as before as Google drive. Every plan-taking customer will get the benefits of access to Google experts, Option to add a family member and other benefits from Google. The free user up to 15GB will not be included in these benefits.