Nikolai Tesla

The most mysterious and wonderful scientist in the history of the world was Nikola Tesla, who truly made the whole world modern.

Nikolai Tesla
Nikolai Tesla

Nikolai Tesla



He had the patent of more than three hundred inventions. His inventions were considered very modern at that time. Some of his designs are still modern to us in the present day with their unique ideas.  


Tesla's invention also had the power to destroy the earth, but for human welfare, he killed those discoveries.


But after learning about him, you will find himself among the best of all scientists. Because Nikola Tesla was the only scientist who could create what he thought, so other scientists called him the most insane scientist in history.


Birth, childhood, and education:

Tesla's birth was mysterious. He was born in Croatia at 12: 3 pm, on July 5 in 1856. The night was he born was full of severe adverse weather and thunderstorms. So, his date of birth is called 2. However, to avoid confusion in Wikipedia, it was written on July 7 instead of July 5. People called him "Child of Darkness" because he was born in bad weather.

But his mother said he would illuminate the earth one day, so his mother used to call him "Child of Light."

But in reality, it did. Tesla discovered AC light that illuminates the whole world and gave us a modern world.

Tesla's father wanted to make him a priest and sent him to the church. He came back from death as he was severely affected by cholera while he was in the church. So, his family plans to make him an engineer.

In school/college he began to marvel at his talent. He used to answer the significant trigonometric calculus without thinking of the pen in the brain. He was so talented that the college teachers saw his incredible talent and wrote letters to his father.

One of his subjects disagreed with one of the teachers while studying engineering. Later, he worked for 7 hours in the lab every day to prove that his ideas were correct. As the incident spread to college, he became an even more wonderful student to all.

In 1884 Nikola Tesla landed in America. There were 5 cups and only the identification card and a letter from Thomas Edison to Nicola Tesla that Thomas Edison had to deliver. The letter contained in itself

"I know two wise people in the world, one you (Edison) and the other with you Nikola Tesla."


AC-DC War (Tesla vs Edison):

Edison recruits Nikola Tesla to his company and

DC Generator announced that he would give him $ 50000 to redesign. Nikola Tesla worked hard. But Edison didn't pay Nikola Tesla any money and said: "It's a joke."

In the meantime, Nikola Tesla invented the most surprising discovery that changed the whole world. And that is AC Power or Alternating Current.

With Edison's DC electricity, people were thinking about getting light.

But with the AC was invented by Nikola Tesla, people can understand that everything is possible.

Nikola Tesla tells Edison to use AC instead of DC. Edison was enraged at this. And Tesla separated from its company and established a new company called Tesla Electric Company.

AC electricity became very popular very soon because AC was mighty and available at low cost. And also useful for industrial factories.

Meanwhile, Edison's DC electricity business is almost over. To stop Nicola Tesla, the residents also stole dogs, cats from their homes and camped in the streets, killing them in front of the public with shock at the AC power. Even, convince the administration to execute a convicted accused with AC

This incident caused panic in people's minds, Edison severely financed the company of Nicola Tesla and once sold a patent for Nikola Tesla AC electricity. With $ 60000 in patent sales, he puts the brand behind new inventions.

But people can understand the need for AC power right afterward. And in the whole city, the AC company allocates one Edison electricity company for electricity.

It was an extreme shame for Edison. That's why other shareholders of Edison's company exclude Edison from Edison's company.


Nikola Tesla's breakthrough discoveries for human well-being:

The great scientist Nicola Tesla was the patent of more than 300 inventions. He also did not accept the copyright of many designs. And many scientists stole the ideas of their creativity and kept on doing it. Nicola Tesla was the only scientist who made such things happen by thinking. Discovery was his addiction.

Some of the mentionable inventions of him are- AC Electricity, Remote, Robot and Guided Missile System, Wireless Electricity, Induction Motor, Tesla Coil, Violet Ray, TeleForce, Neon Lamp, Wireless Telegraphy, Three-phase Electric power, Tesla Turbine, Tesla valve, Vacuum Variable Capacitor, shadowgraph, Free Energy, Tesla Experimental, Tesla's Columbus, Resonant inductive coupling, Polyphase system and many more.