The Contribution Of Nikola Tesla, The Legendary Scientist, Remained Untold

Today we are going to talk about some of the contributions of Nikola Tesla. He was an amazing scientist who discovers so many things and was a brilliant mind.

The Contribution Of Nikola Tesla, The Legendary Scientist, Remained Untold
Nikola Tesla

Suppose you are sitting watching a TV with a switchboard in the drawing-room. One channel doesn't look good, the moment you change it by pressing the remote, it goes to another channel. Sometimes you don't mind listening to the radio.

I have talked about so many incidents - switchboard electricity, tube lights, remotes, robotics, radios, hydroelectric plants, X-rays - the main manufacturer of all these things is a scientist.

Let's go back a little bit. The year 1888. People saw a strange thing on the streets of New York, USA. An electric wire is being twisted all over the body of a dog. Then the dog died with indescribable pain as soon as the electricity was connected.

The person who is doing this is trying to explain to the people the negative aspects of AC current. In other words, you want to explain how dangerous the electricity flowing through the wire is. Almost all of us know the person who is doing this work. Scientist Thomas Alva Edison!

Edison did this ruthless work to explain the evils of electricity discovered by another extraordinary scientist, Nikola Tesla. So what was behind that incident and who is that unknown scientist Tesla or who will know its origins today. And yes, Nikola Tesla is the scientist who read a lot of work at the beginning of this article!


Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in Serbia. But he spent his whole childhood and adolescence in Croatia. Tesla's father was a priest. He was the fourth of five siblings.

Nikola Tesla entered primary school in 1861. There he learned German, mathematics, and theology. A strange thing happened in 1870 while I was in high school. Math class is going on in the school. Integration of topic calculus. So the teacher is looking at all the difficult numbers that day to see if everyone is doing the numbers.

Everyone is engrossed in mathematics but Tesla is sitting quietly in the middle of it. As soon as the teacher asked the reason, Tesla answered all the numbers of the board one by one. He did not take the pen in his hand once. So the teacher thought Tesla might have memorized the answer. He made a few more. This time, without going to the notebook, Tesla gave the correct answer. The teacher realized that this boy was impossibly talented.


In 1880, Tesla set foot in America with only four pennies in his pocket. In 1881 he did his first scientific work in a telegraph company. Tesla moved to New York in 1884 to work for Thomas Alva Edison's company. There Tesla was first allowed to do general electrical engineering work.

He was then given the task of redesigning the DC generator. The following year Tesla said he would be able to do better than that. Edison promised him 50,000 if he did something better. After months of working, Tesla actually got the job done and asked Edison to pay.

Then Edison smiled at him and said, "Hey Tesla, you don't understand American humor." Edison Tesla increased his weekly salary from just 18 to 28. But Tesla refused to take it. Left Edison's company.

In 1886, Tesla founded the Tesla Electric Lighting and Manufacturing Company. There he built the Dynamo Electric Machine Commuter, which was his first patent. But Tesla is not always interested in new things.

As a result, at one time Tesla became jobless. At one point his patents were lost. And Tesla worked hard to repair equipment, even digging holes for two dollars.

In 1887, Tesla opened a company with two businessmen. There, for the first time, he successfully tested an induction motor with AC current. In 1888, Tesla demonstrated in IEEE the electricity that flows through AC currents.

Everyone was absolutely amazed and fascinated by the matter. Tesla even got an offer of 6 thousand dollars. But Edison was furious. Edison named the AC current 'Death Current'. And on the streets of New York, dogs and cats were shocked by the current, telling people how dangerous this thing was.

Edison's plot did not work out in the end. Tesla began working on invisible waves in 1894. But he did not patent it. The following year William Rontgen began working on it and named it X-Ray. That same year, a fire at a Tesla lab cost about 50,000. Couldn't show X-ray work. Otherwise, the first Tesla X-ray showed the work of taking photos.

Everyone knows that Robert Watson was credited with inventing the radar. He was, of course, in 1935. But 15 years ago, Tesla went with the theory. He also went on to propose radar technology to the US Navy. But Edison was the head of research development for the US Navy. As a result, he canceled Tesla's name as soon as he heard it. So Tesla didn't work anymore.

Tesla also gave an idea about hydropower generation from Niagara Falls. Tesla also had a patent for making transistors in the basket, without which today's computers would not be made. Today's electric generator - the original invention of Michael Faraday, but the practical invention was Nikola Tesla.


The use of remote controls, radio electromagnets, fluorescent lamps, which are known to the public as tube lights, is an achievement of Tesla. Of course, the credit for the fluorescent light goes to Edison. And it has already been said to make electricity easily available to the people.

"There will come a time when the news, the president's speech, or the games on the field can be watched wirelessly at home," Tesla said. And so it is now.

In 1898, Tesla launched a boat from a distance with wireless technology. People saw it for the first time as if it had just fallen from the sky. People thought that magic/telepathy was a trick.

Tesla's lifelong pursuit of science was to make electricity more accessible to humans. For this reason, he contracted with a few companies to build wireless electricity towers. The companies thought Nikola Tesla might be working on radio frequencies so they simply invested. But later they stopped paying when they found out that it was a humanitarian work project and they did not have a chance to benefit financially from it.

On January 6, 1943, Tesla died in a hotel room in New York, completely destitute. This man, who had never been married before, could speak 8 languages ​​fluently. And once he read any book, it would be ingrained in his mind. After Tesla's death, the FBI confiscated all his documents.

Tesla has more than 300 patents. And now the scientists are bringing all the new things by twisting the technology discovered by him. Now, 80 years after his death, scientists say Tesla's so-called wireless power supply technology is on the verge of collapse.

Tesla has given a lot to mankind in one lifetime. No one has ever been able to show the credit for inventing so much technology alone. It is a pity that the man who worked with so much basic thought and devotion did not get much respect while he was alive. But he went with us with full hands. The new generation doesn't know how great Nikola Tesla and his unique works were.

In his honor the magnetic flux intensity SI unit ‘Tesla’. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has named his company's electric car 'Tesla' in honor of Nikola Tesla. Every year July 10 is celebrated as Tesla Day.