New VAR Strategy in World Cup Football 2022

The FIFA World Cup is going to bring amazing at our door using the modern blessings of TECH.

New VAR Strategy in World Cup Football 2022
New VAR Strategy in World Cup Football
New VAR Strategy in World Cup Football 2022

New VAR Strategy in World Cup Football 2022


How is it possible that the new technology will surprise us with the festive football World Cup? One of the latest technologies is VAR or Video Assistant Referee System. Although this technology has been used in different leagues before, this is the first time, the FIFA World Cup using VAR technology. FIFA officially makes a deal to use this system at the World Cup.

But how does this VAR system work, and what is there to do with it? You can get your answers in this article.


What is VAR?

VAR is a Referee Assistant system, which works to compare to the most recent video on playing football. This game replay video helps the field referee make the right decision. In that case, a special team in the Outdoors Studio analyzes the video replay. Although such a process has continuous use in cricket, it is entirely new in football. 

In 2022, the International Football Association Board declares laws on VAR technology in playing football, and FIFA Qatar will use the technology at the World Cup.


What will the VAR system include?

This system will only be available to make these five types of referee decisions. They are-

  • Whether one team scores a goal.
  • VAR inspects offside in the process of scoring.
  • The decision on penalty.
  • Decisions on red card issuance.
  • It makes decisions of wrongly giving a red or yellow card to another.


How will the VAR system work?

In the process, the video assistant referee and his assistants will sit in front of several monitors during a game in the video operation room. Live and play replays are live on these monitors. Replay operators will help him with this.

Whenever the head referee is hesitant to decide on the field, he can ask VAR with a headset for review (or by TV-like hands-on TV replay signal). When viewing the video footage, the VAR team can report it via headset if they think the head referee should review the review.

As an official signal, referees will use the forefinger to indicate the rectangle and give a message for video reviews. On the outside of the sideline for review, there will be a place called On-Field Review Spot, where the Head Referee can discuss the VAR room. He can also contact the VAR team on the headset during the game if he wants.

However, no player can claim the review using the official signal (there is a penalty). A few more policies are having their formulation in this regard. Current or former referees will serve as VAR.

Video clips of the decision taking with VAR will be live on the giant screen in the field and on the TV with an explanation.

A room in Moscow, Russia, will vault all matches for this World Cup. FIFA predicts that the use of this technology will bring more transparency to the outcome and judgment of the game.


Where is the control of VAR technology?

Many may think that VAR technology has its control over the playground itself. It is not. It has the absolute power of the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Moscow, Russia. This control room has its name, and it is- VOR or Video Operation Room. This video operation room is linking with the six grounds used in this year's Qatar World Cup, where all the cameras have their setup to the VAR technology get access to that field.

Who is offering this VAR technology solution?

This VAR technology is developing in coordination with several companies in which each company is offering different types of technology services. And a comprehensive VAR technology puts in place with all the techniques. Two companies that work as a coordinator of all these technologies are Crescent Communication, who has its audio-relative technology coordinator, and WHIK Innovation, who is the coordinator of video-related technology.