Modern Technology Making Humans Efficient Or Lazier

Modern technology is bound to make human life easier but it has made us inefficient as well.

Modern Technology Making Humans Efficient Or Lazier
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Modern Technology Making Humans Efficient Or Lazier



If I tell you the exact matter of modern technology, it has both advantages and disadvantages over human life. Sometimes it makes us better to get work done instantly and sometimes it's responsible for having a home burst out of the fire. Many people around the world cook their food by using a gas cylinder. But, there is 1% of a family who've lost their close person for this cylinder accident.  So, here we're to discuss modern technology as to how it is influencing our daily life. 

Modern technology has an efficient power to replace our tension to comfort but how?  Think of the earlier processes of farming when people needed animals to prepare lands. More previous women had not had modern utensils to cook their dishes.  All the people around the world had a very natural and straightforward life before. 

There had been no electricity till Benjamin Franklin made a theory upon the lightning and Thomas Edison brighten the world in 1879.

There had been no network connection to call each other even if one stayed abroad.  The letter was the only way how people used to communicate themselves. And, look at our world what it is now! All the successful credits go to the greatest scientists and technologists who made our life more manageable, connective and comfortable though it has made us lazy but sometimes efficient. 


Advantages Of Modern Technology

What are you doing now? Probably you have been reading this article through a smart device like a PC or smartphone, right? But, how come this is possible to achieve essential knowledge initially from the Internet using search engines? 

Yes, it has been possible for modern technologists. Wherever you take a look, there would be lightning in the town which made people so much busy with their profession and increased employment. That's great for the world, and we should be ever grateful to the modern inventions. Let's have a look at the journey of current advantages happening to us. 


Easy Communication

Modern technology made our communication more accessible. Once, there would be no communication among relatives if people stayed abroad. Post-office was the only transferable community to send a letter to the beloved ones. 

Then gradually Telephone, Fax, mail invented, and now we are at the highest stage of modern technology where we can easily use social media as an easy communicative platform. Many apps are letting you do free online audio and video calls. 

Online classes of a University or Office interview at the online platforms are the best achievement till now. Freelancers from developing countries are a contribution to work for developing countries. Besides people contributes to the video conference even the prime ministers are inaugurating their projects of the states to save their essential time instead of being present. 


Modern Homo Technology

At your home, you have decorated all the electrical and electronics to have benefited from them. It makes our lives comfortable and saves us from having handwork. 

We use the refrigerator to keep foods and dishes fresh, cold and hygiene. Oven let our food warm, air-condition keeps us away from an excessive hit, we can pass our free time by watching television, using the Internet, do freelancing and earn money from home. There are many examples you can get at your home how technology makes your life relaxed. What if there would be nothing of them? 


Being an Online Activist

Internet is the primary example of modern technology because 70% of the daily works in the world is happening via the Internet or using an online platform. People have been ordering delicious pizza by clicking at the software; purchasing their airways, train or bus tickets online; having bank transactions through pin & password; buying and selling products on a website. 

It is the best choice for 75% of Americans to pass their times on the Internet and get their work done online.

Looking at the present world, you may see significant changes in our society than in past decades. The main thing of modern technology for what we are grateful to the technologists is it makes our life very much fluent and comfortable at the economic growth. But, Modern technology causes us to harm too. Let's know about some disadvantages of modern technology below.


Disadvantages of Modern Technology:

Causing Our Brain Harmed

Doctors agree to the matter that advanced technology has been tending our teenagers to the smart devices so profoundly, which affects our eyes, and later it harms our brain. They advise the new generation to limit their device usage. It will help their psychological health. 


Being not active

50% of our generation has been going to the gym, but now even it matters to their health? The older adults of today are physically fit, and they were healthy at their young age, too, without going to the gym.