The Strange Relationship of Milk with a Galaxy Called the Milky Way

We all know about the Milky Way galaxy, but how this galaxy got its name. Let’s find out the Milky Way galaxy name origin some Milky Way galaxy facts.

The Strange Relationship of Milk with a Galaxy Called the Milky Way
milky Way galaxy

We all know that there is a galaxy called the Milky Way. Those of us who live on Earth are part of a galaxy called the "Milky Way." The sun is once again orbiting this galaxy with other planets in the solar system.

If you look at the sky on a new moon night or even after the moon rises, you can see that there is a pattern extending from one end of the sky to the other.

You can see that a long line consisting of many stars can be seen and the brightness of the stars in this line is much higher than other stars!

At first glance, you would think that this line or system surrounds the whole sky, and this is the Milky Way Galaxy. It's just part of the Milky Way.

Now you may ask why the name of this galaxy? You may want to know why the name of the galaxy has to be in the name of food. You can also say that even though there are so many categories of food, why is there milk?

But if you notice, the name of the galaxy is not usually like that! As many new planets, stars and galaxies are discovered, they are named in a general scientific way. But some galaxy or star-type objects are very different!

These galaxy or stellar type objects were also able to be distinguished by primitive people with the help of their intelligence. But one thing they may not have known is that a galaxy is made up of a combination of many stars.

However, they could easily understand that these stars are not like other stars in the sky, they are very different. And being logical is logical, isn't it? These are no longer ordinary stars.

So after realizing these things they all decided together that these objects need to be given different names! And then it happened! They named these special objects in the sky after themselves!

Another interesting thing is that they considered these objects seen in the sky as gods and goddesses and used the name accordingly.

milky Way galaxy


Milky Way Galaxy Name Origin

What we know as Venus was Venus after their name. Which means the goddess of love and beauty! You may be surprised to know that they named a galaxy called Andromeda after a goddess in Greek mythology. But scientifically the name of this Andromeda Galaxy is M31. So it is easy to understand that this name also comes from mythology.

Those who have an idea about Greek mythology may know that Zeus is the king of the gods and his wife's name is Hera. So without informing Hera, Zeus formed a relationship with a mortal woman.

Then a son was born in that woman's womb. And the name of this child is Hercules. But according to the Puranas, although mortal people are mortal, the gods and goddesses in the sky are not immortal or mortal. So according to that calculation, the father is a god and he is immortal, but a mother is an ordinary person and he is mortal.

But the problem is with Hercules. He is neither a god nor a human being. He could not die again, he did not become immortal. He is in the middle of everything.

But there is a way open before him so that he can be completely immortal and also a god. And that road is that if Hercules can be made to drink the milk of the goddess Hera, he will understand the honor of the god as he will be immortal.

So thinking about that, Zeus brought his son Hercules to their sky. But his wife Hera Devi did not agree to this.

She sat down to say that she had been deceived and that in no way would she let the child she had given birth to be involved in a relationship with mortals.

So not being able to persuade his wife, Zeus began to think of another way to find out. He decided that if his wife Hera was asleep, he would get her to drink milk with Hercules.

So when Hera fell asleep, Zeus went to feed Hercules, at one point Hera woke up and very quickly removed her breasts from the baby Hercules. So due to the haste at that time, while removing the breast from the mouth, some of the breast milk splashed and it spread all over the sky.

Suppose you put milk in a big pot and make small holes around the pot, what will happen to it? The milk will continue to flow in a vertical shape through the hole. The tiny particles of milk will scatter around and form a white-white pattern all around.

The same thing happened with the spilled milk of the goddess Hera. How the white milk was scattered was called the "milk galaxy" or "milk way" by the people of that time. After saying so much, you may be surprised to hear that the above story is completely mythical. It has no real basis.

But the name Milky Way has a meaning. The name comes from the Roman word. The Romans then gave this galaxy a beautiful name, via lactea. Its lexical meaning is Road of milk.

milky Way galaxy

But if you think that the Romans were the first to give such a name, you are wrong! The Romans invented this word from Galaxias Kyklos which is a Greek word.

But in the case of the Milky Way galaxy, imagining such a story is nothing more than normal. This is because it looks very bright and milky! And its path is very long. You may be surprised to hear that there are seven to eight more galaxies like the Milky Way whose names are the same!

Another issue is that the Milky Way galaxy has been given a different name in each area. This is because it is seen all over the world. So it's normal for people in different areas to call it by one name, and this will only be possible when one person is cut off from the other.

For example, in India, the name of this galaxy is 'Akash Ganga. Because according to them, Ganga is a symbol of whiteness. To those who were skywatchers in ancient India, it was like a river. And according to their belief, the Ganges exists in the heavens as well as in the mortal world.

So the 'Akash Ganga' of the sky and the 'Ganga' of the land are flowing in the same stream. You know that the river Ganga is respected in many ways in the traditional religion. And this is the main reason.

The part that was named "Milky way" with the naked eye is just a small part of the Milky Way, not the Milky Way at all. The Milky Way galaxy looks like a snake or spiral.

The radius of one million light-years! If one could travel three million kilometers a day 24 hours a day without a break, it would take him a million years to travel from one end of the Milky Way to the other! Think about it, is it possible?

But one thing is for sure if people knew that this galaxy was spiral to look at and if anyone had any idea about its extent, I don't think they would have named it "Milky Way". Then there might have been flowers with other names and there were various explanations behind it.