According to scientists, these viruses are likely to spread...

SARS-CoV-2 is just one example of thousands of viruses that are likely to spread from the animal kingdom to humans.

California Declares A State of Emergency for Coronavirus

California is in the list of states of emergency as coronavirus death toll starts counting

Coronavirus (COVID-19) first found in the US

Coronavirus was first found in the United States in a laboratory

Coronavirus Hits the Drug Supply Chain as India Stops Exporting

Coronavirus is responsible for Drug shortage and hampers the supply chain

Salmon Fish's Parasite Survives Without Oxygen

Salmon fish hosts a parasite; Henneguya salminicola needs no oxygen to survive

Coronavirus Researches Are as Swift as The Outbreak

Coronavirus is threatening us constantly as the coronavirus death toll continues to rise. This COVID-19 spread is fast, so do the...

Labs Are Trying Hard to Fight Corona Virus

Upgraded test kits are on their way to keep pace with the outbreak

New Study Models Estimate 2019-nCOV Spread.

The estimated growth size is raising concerns.

Do Snakes Spread Corona Virus or Not?

An analysis hints the coronavirus comes from reptiles; specifically, snakes. Researchers think it came from other animals than birds...

Wuhan Virus is Spreading| But How Quickly?

The virus affects more people in China. Officials confirm but not clear how quickly the infection is.