effects of covid on gen z: why youngsters also got affected...

let's find out the effects of covid on gen z. And why youngsters also got affected by Corona? while they aren't suppose to be!

In Search of Ambrosia

Greek mythology shows that the gods drank ambrosia. What can people do to make such ambrosia for them?

Anchoring Bias—Where the Initial Information Creates Confusion...

Anchoring bias in human phycology is quite interesting. In this article, we are going to discuss anchoring bias on the Kahneman and...

Teens can fight social stress with good sleep.

Social situations affect teens, and they can navigate them with adequate sleep.

Coronavirus’ Impacts on e-Cigarette Business

Coronavirus outbreak has brought downfall for many companies like the e-cigarette business.

Climate Change and Poor Diet Affect Our Children, UN Confirms

Climate change and poor diet threaten our children with an "immediate threat."

Stay Away from Vapes in Adolescence

Appealing vape liquid with foodlike flavors are dangerous, researchers confirm

Aging and Chronic Inflammation Reverse are Possible with...

Molecular "switch" controlling the immune machinery can reverse many critical diseases.

Cancer Sequencing Projects Pass Another Milestone

Cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatments will improve with these new findings.

Avoid Red Meat To Stay Free From Heart Diseases

By eating red meat twice a week, you increase 3 to 7% health risks.