Jabra Panacast, World’s First Intelligent 180º

Panoramic 4k video solution. Gadget of 2020

Jabra Panacast, World’s First Intelligent 180º
Jabra Panacast

Jabra Panacast, World’s First Intelligent 180º


Jabra PanaCast is a new video solution for 2020. Jabra Company invents this new cool gadget, which is the world’s first intelligent 180º panoramic, and the 4k resolution camera. It is a plug and play device. This gadget comes with some nice features,


  1. Resolution panoramic-4k: 3840х1080 @30fps1080p Full HD: 1920 х1080 @30fps 720p HD: 1280 х720 @30fps
  2. View Horizontal: 180 º /Vertical: 54
  3. Three cameras in a set
  4. Dynamic real-time stitching technology, running in the onboard PanaCast vision processor.
  5. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and white balance control.



Jabra PanaCast is a lightweight gadget, which is only 100g. In the online market and local, market this gadget available for $850 to $950. Also, the Jabra Company gives warranty support for up to 2 years. 

Main feature and usability:

The camera controlled by Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (ePTZ). The camera view can be adjustable in 90º, 120º, 140º and 180º through Jabra Direct. And most comfort of this gadget is mounted flexibility like as on top of a monitor or laptop. Users also set this up on the table or a stand. 


Connectivity and required system:

The Jabra provides USB-C port with this Jabra PanaCast. The device charged with USB 3.0 cable also supports USB 2.0 through Jabra USB hub. For connecting this gadget system should be operated with Windows 7 or above, for macOS 10.9 or above and Linux Ubuntu 16.0 or.  


Where and why to use and unique features:

  • For meeting and conference, it is a most helpful gadget because of its 180º view. In a conference meeting, many people are present there. It is essential to keep all the people in a frame. And it’s a perfect small meeting room. In this time, 50% of the meeting held in short and in a little place. The regular camera is not fit able for those little rooms. This gadget can cover all the people for its wide-angle view. Combine Jabra PanaCast with the Jabra Speak 710 for an optimal video and audio, which gives the experience of a face-to-face meeting.

  • Intelligent Zoom is the most recent invention in the camera and Jabra fit it with PanaCast. In a meeting when anyone newly joins to the meeting, the camera automatically includes everyone. No one is out of the meeting frame, which happens in a standard camera. If one person presents in the room, the camera will accurately zoom in to that person. Again, it can also capture more people by doing zoom out.
  • Network bandwidth is another part of a video conference or meeting. The higher number of camera and higher resolution need higher bandwidth. Jabra PanaCast uses the same bandwidth as another 1080p camera view, but Jabra gives the 180º view, which makes the difference form others. On average 5+, Mbps recommended bandwidth per 1080p camera in action.
  • Saving room space with Jabra PanaCast is a fantastic feature. Due to 180º camera, it can cover the full room from a short distance of camera setup. It saves the space also and makes financial benefit. It saves about 4.00m2 floor space. Regular cameras waste this space.
  • Connecting in the meeting room is very easy. It is a plug and play device. Connect with laptop or monitor and ready to telecast. Jabra PanaCast can also combine with a hub or dock that connects speaker, TV, power and internet. Therefore, the center allows this gadget to communicate with multiple things.
  •  Manage Jabra PanaCast in Jabra Direct & Xpress alongside with headphone to keep unit update, control key features and keep a central overview of all devices. Jabra Direct is smart, secure and free call management of headsets and speakerphones.


  • Some other specialties of this camera that can work with Mac or PC. For better use need a stand for the mount, but it also can mount on a wall. For mounting on the wall, we need to use an alternative stand. Besides, this camera provides a built-in microphone and use this microphone through Jabra Direct APP but for better audio quality, using Jabra Speak 710 is the best choice.



This camera comes with a Jabra PanaCast table stand, a Jabra PanaCast wall mount, Jabra PanaCast USB cable and a Jabra PanaCast USB HUB USB-C.