How different is the international space station life inside from us?

We are going to talk about international space station life and its difference between our life on earth. Let’s see how they differ and what is inside the international space station.

How different is the international space station life inside from us?
international space station life

Many of us may have dreamed of becoming astronauts since childhood. In the realm of imagination, we travel from planet to planet in space outside the earth. However, many of us may not look back at reality in that fantasy of international space station life.

Because, in reality, if you are an astronaut and like everyone else at the end of the office, you will not be able to return home and look at your loved ones with a sigh of relief. International space station life stations is very different from ours and what is inside the international space station.

Today we will tell you about this different international space station life. We will tell you how an astronaut does his daily work in space.

Be it space and this beautiful earth, there are some things that we have to do. And those are eating, sleeping, getting clean, and going to the toilet at the end of the day. But things are not as easy on the space station as we do on Earth. Why? I am coming to answer this question.

International space stations are far away from our earth. Besides, it is not possible to take the daily necessities there from time to time. That is why there is a very limited supply of daily necessities and astronauts have to go through this limited supply day after day. Let's not know about living in space.


Space station environment: what is inside the international space station?

In various videos we almost see astronauts floating in the air! But why is that? This is because the force of gravity does not work in space. And because the force of gravity does not work, the weight of everything there is zero!

international space station life

Isn't that funny? However, it sounds funny, but it is not easy to spend day after day with this zero weight. These space stations have all kinds of facilities for the people who live there, but everything is limited. In addition, these space stations are a kind of small office for astronauts.


Sleep In International Space Station Life

We have already said that gravity does not work in space stations. And so now a question comes up and that is, how does everyone sleep here?

Do astronauts sleep floating in the air there? No! That is not the case at all. While sleeping there, the astronauts sleep in a small sleeping bag so that there is no difficulty.



Another interesting thing about space is that there is no day or night! Because day and night in our world are mainly due to the moon and the sun. A special type of clock is used to keep track of the day and night while on the space station. However, that clock continues to run according to the calculation of our earth time.


Eating at the space station

Many people live in space stations at different times, and they also eat there. However, since everything floats on space stations, it is a little difficult to eat and drink this floating food.

You may find it interesting to hear that international space station life food is neatly packed in separate bags. But yes! Drinking water in space is a little difficult.

Because whenever you pour water from a bottle into a glass, the water starts floating in the air in the shape of bubbles. And so astronauts have to drink water directly from a special bottle.


Cleanliness in international space station life

No matter where you live, it is important to stay healthy, clean, and clean. But brushing your teeth, cleaning yourself after going to the toilet, have to be done in a completely different environment in space.

Because whenever we brush our teeth on earth, we spit out the liquids in the mouth at the end of the brush. But think about space, if you finish the brush and try to spit it out, it will float in the air! And so there you have to either swallow it after brushing or wipe it well with a cloth.

Since no weight and gravitational force work on the space station, everything floats there. And think about it, how do you get to the toilet there?

If you are a little careless, the dirt will float around in the air around you and it will not be a pleasant thing for anyone at all. And so the toilets here are also made in a completely different way and there you have to fit yourself quite well and then go to the bathroom.

international space station life

There are separate arrangements for urination and defecation. It is like a pipe for urination and just like the mouth of a pipe for the toilet where you have to respond to the call of nature by fitting yourself very well. And to get out of here you have to use tissue because there is not enough water in space.

And since there is no water facility, the astronauts clean themselves well for several days in a row. Meanwhile, there is such a water crisis that the urine in the space stations is purified and made drinkable again!

In conclusion, it can be said that there is a stark difference between the daily international space station life of the space station and the daily life of our planet. And so before sending someone into space, they are trained to create a weightless environment on earth and stay there. So that no one has to rush into space and fall into any kind of embarrassing situation there.