What Will Happen If The Sun Does Not Rise Suddenly?

What Will Happen If The Sun Does Not Rise Suddenly?
If The Sun Does Not Rise Suddenly?

Suppose one day the sun suddenly disappears or for some reason the sun no longer rises in the eastern sky. Or the black hole has swallowed the sun! What will happen then? How long can this green earth survive without sunlight?

The sun is the only source of energy on earth. The effect of the sun is on the earth day and night. Not just Earth, but every planet in our solar system is dependent on the sun. The sun provides heat and light to every planet in the solar system. Each planet in our solar system revolves around the Sun in its own orbit centered around the Sun under the pull of gravity. Without the sun, gravity will disappear completely. As a result, all the planets and satellites will drop out of orbit and run in parallel at will.

If for some reason the sun suddenly disappears, then 8 minutes and 19 seconds after the disappearance of the earth will know that! Because it takes time for light to come from the sun to the earth. Then darkness will descend on the earth! The respiratory process of all the plants in the world will be disrupted. Oxygen production will stop and the amount of carbon dioxide will continue to increase drastically. This is because plants absorb carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis with the help of sunlight and release oxygen. The hope, however, is that even if plants stop producing oxygen, the total oxygen stored on Earth will be able to sustain human civilization for nearly a thousand more years.

If The Sun Does Not Rise Suddenly

The real torment will start an hour after the sun disappears. There will be small earthquakes in the beginning. Within a few hours, the earth's temperature will continue to drop. Within a week, the earth's average temperature will drop to zero degrees Celsius and ice will begin to form around the earth. Within a month, the average global temperature will drop to minus 7 degrees Celsius! Crop production at such low temperatures will not be possible at all. As a result, the lack of food in the world will be severe. Looting, violence, riots will start in the world for food. People will not hesitate to eat human flesh to survive.

Meanwhile other animals living on earth will slowly die due to lack of food, light and water. Animals that cannot tolerate cold weather will die first. However, even if the animals that can survive the severe cold survive, they will also have to be hunted by humans to make up for the lack of food.

Within a few months of the sun disappearing, the sea water would freeze. As a result, no marine species can survive in this cold ice. Such a catastrophe of such a huge fauna will have a direct impact on all fauna. The food chain of the world will be completely broken.

Since there is no sun, the earth will stop orbiting the sun and will continue to float straight out of orbit. In this journey, the earth can collide with any planet and be destroyed. Or it may be that the floating earth has reached another solar system and started orbiting the new sun. If so, the earth may regain its former glory.

The whole article was a science fiction. Because there is no danger of the sun suddenly disappearing like this. And there is no black hole around our solar system that is capable of swallowing up the sun. So live happily. Stay well.