Ibuprofen is of No Use Fighting COVID-19 Symptoms

Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug can worsen COVID-19 virus affect

Ibuprofen is of No Use Fighting COVID-19 Symptoms

Ibuprofen is of No Use Fighting COVID-19 Symptoms


Ibuprofen is of no use in fighting COVID-19 Symptoms as the World Health Organization officially recommends to avoid them on Tuesday. WHO declares this after French officials warned that these inflammatory drugs worsen COVID-19 affected people conditions. 

Olivier Véran, French Health Minister, warned about avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs after completing a recent study, published in the medical journal, The Lancet. From the research, the experts found that ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories boost an enzyme that worsens COVID-19 infections.    

As there is no known cure for this disease, people depend on the readily available drugs like ibuprofen. When we wanted to know about the study, Christian Lindmeier, a WHO spokesman told the reporters in Geneva that experts from the UN health agency were "looking into this to give further guidance."

He says, "In the meantime, we recommend using rather paracetamol, and do not use ibuprofen as self-medication. That's important."

He also mentions that it is up to the health professionals if they prescribe ibuprofen. The WHO expert commented on this after Véran tweeted on how "aggravating factor" the use of ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs can be in COVID-19 infections.

Véran wrote in this tweet, "In the case of fever, take paracetamol."

For the patients who are already taking anti-inflammatory drugs, the French minister stressed that they should contact their doctor whether to continue this medicine or not. 

If paracetamol is included in your medicine, do not use too much of them as they can damage the liver.


We have already lost more than 7,800 people and currently, more than 190,000 people worldwide are infected with this COVID-19 pandemic. Although it shows mild symptoms in most of the cases, it becomes severe day by day, resulting in pneumonia and other diseases. Finally, it is responsible for multiple organ failure.

The pandemic may be new, but the warning by the French authorities on the danger of "infectious complications" on using ibuprofen came earlier. This drug is also sold under Nurofen, Advil, and more brands.  

According to a spokesperson from Reckitt Benckiser, a British pharmaceutical company, the company is well aware of the concerns related to steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) products like ibuprofen in alleviating COVID-19 symptoms.


He also stressed that the company prioritizes consumer safety. Besides, he mentioned that ibuprofen had been used safely for more than 30 years as a medicine for self-care fever, reducing pain, and viral diseases. 


The statement came in an email format in which the spokesperson said, "We do not currently believe there is any proven scientific evidence linking over-the-counter use of ibuprofen to the aggravation of COVID-19."


The official from the Reckitt Benckiser assures that the company is engaging with local and international health authorities like the WHO, EMA (the European Medicines Agency). The company is also ready to provide other additional guidance and information that it considers necessary. The data will help to use its products more safely as it is bound to follow any such evaluation.