Google Helps You Lessening Phone Addiction with New Experimental Apps

Let’s check out the three new experimental apps. 

Google Helps You Lessening Phone Addiction with New Experimental Apps
Google Inc.

Google Helps You Lessening Phone Addiction with New Experimental Apps.


Like a trusted friend, Google is always there to help the users. As far the digital wellbeing is a significant concern, Google launched five apps last October. They were available in the play store, assisting the users to be less addicted to smartphones. Recently, the company has enriched the digital wellbeing apps collection by adding three new apps to have functional "Experiments with Google."


It may seem unexpected to many users that Google wants to restrict the time limit of our smartphone use. But it has nothing to do with hampering your works related to the phone. Google only attempts this to minimize smartphone over-usage. Obviously, you will use them (otherwise Android developers will be disheartened) but in a balanced way once you have installed these apps to your phone.

When you spend less time on smartphones, you have enough time to spend with your family and also have a "good night's sleep." We know this as the healthy use of smartphones, and Google wants to ensure it.


After the launch of Android 9 Pie in 2018, Google started working on the Digital Wellbeing initiative. The new three experimental apps are the consistent sign of its effort for human welfare. It will ensure healthy smartphone usage in the future.


Android Police was the first to release the news of the new apps. They are Envelope, Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch.



It is the first and most exciting app among the three. For, users can install this app only to their Google Pixel 3a smartphones. From the name, you may estimate how this app works. The app can fold your phone into an envelope! Well, it is a unique PDF that works like an envelope after you install the app. The designers developed this app in a way that it restricts you to enter other apps rather than the phone dialer and camera. It makes your smartphone into a more straightforward and calmer device. You can focus on your works with more attention.


Activity Bubbles

Then comes the second app; Activity Bubbles. The latter two apps are available for most of the Android smartphones. Activity Bubble is a kind of live wallpaper for Android phones with its specialty. It allows you to know how long you have been using your device.

Time consumption of the usage encourages you to lessen your time limit while using smartphones. When you unlock your device, abubble appears to the screen. The longer you use the device, the larger the bubble becomes. The bubble resets at the end of the day. The purpose of this app is to notify you of how much you have used your smartphone. 


Screen Stopwatch

Both the Activity Bubble and Screen Stopwatch is the product of the efforts by the Google Creative Lab. This division of Google works for developing experimental apps. Like the Activity Bubble, Screen Stopwatch also does not limit your device usage. It only makes you aware of how much time it is taking away from you. It similarly performs the works, like the Unlock Clock app launched by Google last year. The previous app showed you how many times you unlock your device. Screen Stopwatch gives you total time spend on mobile usage. After realizing that, now you should increase your self-discipline to do your works categorically.