How to Stop Facebook from Spying on Your Internet Activity?

Facebook has a notoriety for tracking your online activity that means facebook spying on your internet activity. By reading this article you can understand how Facebook spying on you?

How to Stop Facebook from Spying on Your Internet Activity?
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Facebook has a notoriety for tracking your online activity that means facebook spying on your internet activity. By reading this article you can understand how Facebook spying on you?

Facebook spying on your internet activity in order to target ads to you, knowing your personality. Fortunately, this social site has a tool that allows you to review and modify your privacy settings. Facebook's Off-Facebook Activity tool tells you what Facebook knows about your online activity when you leave this site. And with the Privacy Checkup tool, you can decide who you want to share your information with and how much you want to share. Here's how to use Facebook's Off-Facebook Activity feature.

What Is Off-Facebook Activity?

When you log in to this social site, Facebook not only has access to your activity, but you can also view third-party websites if you visit them. So, what should you do to prevent Facebook spying? The Off-Facebook Activity tool lets you review that information and delete it if you want. You can also prevent Facebook spying by the Off-Facebook Activity tool from saving your activity and you can download and analyze that data offline if you want.

Off-Facebook activity, all the activities of the websites and apps you use are stored here. For example, information about which website you visited or which product you are searching for is stored with Off-Facebook activity. Facebook uses this information to target and advertises you.

Facebook can give you various coupons or promotional offers by capturing your activity on supported websites. These may seem useful to you. For example, if you buy a pair of shoes or a watch from an online store, that website will share this information with Facebook, and Facebook may place an ad with a 10% discount on your next purchase from that store.

Manage Off-Facebook Activity

You can use the Off-Facebook Activity tool to manage your information and prevent Facebook spying. To access this feature, select Settings by clicking the down arrow at the top right. Then Select Your Facebook Information and click the option for Off-Facebook Activity.

Here you can see which sites share your activity with Facebook and how they can access your activity. To know this, you can click on "Learn More" above.

Click on any of the site's icons in the list to see your off-Facebook activity, then enter your password. Now you will see a site that shares information about your activity.

You can find examples of interactions with other sites. Such as opening an app, visiting a website, searching for a product or purchasing a product.

If you think a site has misused your information, you can mark it. Click on the Give feedback about this activity link on the Activity Details screen. Select a reason for the feedback and click Send.

If you do not want this site to share your activity with Facebook, then click the Turn off future activity link. You will see a confirmation message of what might happen if you turn it off. If you really want to turn it off, click the Turn off button. Then a message will come that future activity from this site has been turned off, but keep in mind that your past activity has not been disconnected.


Manage Past and Future Activity

By clicking on Manage Future Activity you can manage all the activities of your Off-Facebook Activity. How do we use your off-facebook activity? Read this. Then click on Manage Future Activity to manage these.

On the next page you will see, Activity you have turned off. You can turn off all future activities by clicking on Future off-facebook activity.

If you want, you can delete all your off-facebook activity history. Return to the main Off-Facebook Activity page. Click the Clear History button at the top and then select Clear History.


Download Off-Facebook Activity

To download your Off-Facebook activity, return to the Off-Facebook Activity page and click Download Your Information on the right.

Facebook selects all your Facebook data by default to download your information page. There are no specific settings for just downloading your off-Facebook activity. However, advertising and business of Facebook activities are included. In order to see what kind of information is shared with you, you have to select it initially or if you want to see all your Facebook data, select all the categories and click the Create File button.

The page will notify you that your information is being copied. You will also be sent an email. Once the file is compiled and ready for download, you will receive one more email. To download your file, click the Available Copies tab, then click the Download button to save the information as a zip file on your computer.

Unzip the file and open it. Open the index.html file from the extracted file. Now you can see your downloaded information here.