The First Endangered Animal that is cloned by Human

The First Endangered Animal that is cloned by Human
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We are not going to discuss cloned animal, but the first endangered animals that is cloned recently. Let’s jump right into it!

Ferret is not only cute to look at; it is also a special Endangered Animal. This black-legged creature is called Elizabeth Ann. These animals are almost extinct. This animal has been cloned in North America.

Scientists have cloned an endangered U.S. animal for the first time. This cloned creature is named Elizabeth Ann. This animal is basically a ferret whose feet are black. This clone is made from the frozen cell of its ancestor. This is indeed a historic achievement.

Elizabeth Ann is made from Willa cells. It is also a ferret with black legs. This endangered animals lived here about 30 years ago. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) unveiled the animal to the world on Thursday.

This endangered animals has been successfully cloned through scientific research by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies. This is a very big deal. It will go a long way in maintaining biodiversity and its balance.

An organization called Revive & Restore came to the notice of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2013. Their goal is to incorporate biotechnologies into standard conservation practices. When an animal is on the verge of extinction, such technologies can play a role in protecting biodiversity, as these endangered species are at risk in the future due to various genetic barriers.

Earlier, in 1985, a genetic sample of willa endangered animals, a black-footed wild ferret, was sent to a San Diego Zoo geneticist. These genetic samples have come to life today. The name of this geneticist is Dr. Ryder. He worked for an organization called Frozen Zoo. This place has the largest and most diverse collection of species in the world. This frozen library contains more than 10,000 animal specimens. This endangered animals combined achievement of successfully cloning this endangered black-legged ferret is undoubtedly good news for this organization.