Land and Ocean

Underwater Forest in South America Remains the Same

Underwater forest in South America is a remote place beneath the ocean, and it has not changed over time

Ice Melt in Greenland and Antarctica is on A Higher Level

Ice melt due to climate change is rapidly melting and vanishing ice in Greenland and Antarctica

Earth Was Once the Water World

Earth had a global ocean making it "Waterworld."

Operation Protective Edge | A War of Demise

"Operation Protective Age" between Israel and Gaza.

Coral Reef Habitats Decline for Global Warming and Seawater...

Sea level’s rising temperature and acidic waters can eliminate all the coral reef habitats by 2100

Sealand | The Smallest Country in The World

Sealand is the smallest country in the world, standing as a platform amidst of wide-open blue ocean

Earth's Oldest Rock Crystals with Magnetic Field

A magnetic field was present 750 million before the previously estimated time.

Punta Ventana Collapses by Earthquake

Puerto Rican natural wonder, Punta Ventana, collapses amid 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

Deepest Ocean Trenches

Ocean trenches are full of marine assets and scientists started working on them many years ago.

Ocean and The Underwater Wonders

In together the oceans are more than 70 percent covering the earth’s surface and for this reason.