Driverless Car: A Dream Come True

There are lots of driverless car, even driverless car by google is also available. Today we will talk about driverless cars pros and cons through its history.

Driverless Car: A Dream Come True
Driverless car

You left home for the office. Your driver is missing. The car took you to your destination. Imagine how it would feel? Although the 'driverless car' may seem like an object of science fiction, in reality its work has progressed a lot. Ongoing experimental use. And Google has come to the field with this project 'Google Car'. Toyota is in collaboration.

If you press the button on the dashboard of the car and fix the destination, this car will reach the destination. How? That is one of the secrets of this car. A gendarme camera-sensor is mounted on the car.

The 64 beam laser will monitor at a 360 degree angle. How fast the car in front is moving, whether there is a VIP or an old man suddenly on the road, where there are turns, where there is a dead end - everything will be stored as a 3D image in the car's brain.

The car will also have a wheel motion sensor. And there will be GPS. All of these will go hand in hand with Google Car. The memory of the car will have what the traffic light means, what should be done in a road sign, all that.

So what is there in this car that it is so many times! How the car does all this work. Let's find out now how driverless cars work. I don't feel the need to write in detail. If you take a good look at the picture below, I hope there will be no problem in understanding the subject.

Driverless Cars Are Coming—a Paradigm Shift | IEEE Computer Society

Let's take a look at the beginning and the end of this wonderful discovery.

For quite some time now, tech giant Google has been testing driverless cars near its headquarters in the mountains of California. Google claims that driverless cars will gain popularity by 2020.

On the other hand, rumors are circulating in Tech Para that technology product maker Apple and driverless cars are being built. The car has been registered on behalf of Apple. The car is also being tested with a few cameras.

The UK is focusing on its own institutions more than any other. In the meantime, the government has invested 19 million to increase driverless car production.

New coalition wants to educate consumers on self-driving tech


When all the new technologies come up, there is a lot of noise about it for a few days. But later on, its good-bad, advantages-disadvantages started to be widely criticized from the tech area to social sites.

So the advantage of self-driving car is that under normal circumstances it does not have a pair. But this car will be able to handle the situation suddenly. However, extensive research on this has already begun.

We will discuss in detail later in the series. If you want to be like a man-made car, you have to give this car some human features. To that end, the carmaker has so far spent more than 1.5 million euros.

The biggest challenge in acquiring human features was how the car would consider the surroundings. IT expert Prof. Dr. Raul Rakesh answered this question. He says,

“The most difficult thing about automated driving is not recognizing or navigating the road, it can be done by ordinary cars nowadays. The problem is recognizing traffic lights, traffic signs and pedestrians, especially where people are standing on the road, the car has to know it, and it has to take care of it.”

Germany is the cradle of European car-making. This is where the test of a person's reaction to driving, whether in a normal situation or in a dangerous one, is tested.