What Kind Of Bottle Should Be Used While Drinking Water?

There are different types of bottles made of plastic, steel, and glass in the market for storing water. But are these really safe and healthy for drinking water?

What Kind Of Bottle Should Be Used While Drinking Water?

There are different types of bottles made of plastic, steel, and glass in the market for storing water. But are these really safe and healthy?

According to European environmental laws, it is best to use less recyclable bottles. And all the bottles that are thrown in it that cause damage to the soil and the environment are to be discarded.

Bottles that can be used repeatedly should be used for drinking water. It is not easily damaged if water is kept in it and the quality of water is also good. Needless to say, if we use a disposable water bottle over and over again, it will cause harmful chemical reactions in the water.

Although what kind of bottle we can use repeatedly and what kind of bottle we can't use is a difficult question. So we need to know the life cycle of the bottle or exactly how the bottle is made.

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The whole life cycle is taken from the making of a bottle to its use and destruction at the end of use. According to a 2012 Italian study, reusable glass bottles are the most environmentally friendly. Where plastic ‘one-time’ bottles are not so good for the environment.


What type of bottle can be used repeatedly?

Meanwhile, another study in 2011 found that only plastic bottles made of aluminum, steel and polypropylene can be used repeatedly. However, the process of making steel and aluminum has a very strong and harmful effect on the environment. Looking at this, it can be seen that polypropylene plastic bottles are the best in this case. This is because the production of steel and aluminum does not have as much impact on the environment as the production of plastic. This type of plastic bottle is much lighter so we can always carry it in a very normal way.

On the other hand, although things made of metal and glass can be used for a long time, but the impact on the environment from the time of manufacture to the time of destruction can be considered good plastic bottles. However, plastic bottles cannot be used for as long as metal and glass bottles.

Glass bottles are more acceptable to many, as health is also a significant factor here. Several recent studies have shown that in water kept in plastic bottles, some of the smallest particles of plastic get mixed with water. Which again is not healthy at all.

Many people use plastic bottles for convenience and discard the bottles after using them twice so that there is no reaction in the water and the quality of the water is not lost. Because this type of bottle is very light and easy to carry.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using any bottle over and over again so that we are not harmed by this bottle:

* If you live in a place where it is safe to drink tap water, you must keep bottled water from the tap. Drink water from the bottle and leave the bottle again. Do not keep water in the bottle for a long time.

* Clean your bottle repeatedly. This will keep your bottle healthy and it won't get dirty too soon.

* If the color of the bottle changes, discard the bottle. Do not use discolored bottles.

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So it can be seen that using a drinking bottle has a detrimental effect. Whether it is environmental or whether it is healthy. And so in order to consider all the aspects, we must know about the process of disposal from the process of making the bottle. Your bottle needs to be properly cared for. So as not to have any harmful effect on your body.

Last but not least, drinking tap water or tubewell water is the healthiest. Since we have to use bottles in our daily lives, we have to take proper care of those bottles ourselves so that both our health and environment are beautiful.