The CDC And FDA Advise Delaying The J&J Coronavirus Vaccine

The CDC and FDA advise delaying the J&J coronavirus vaccine until they study extremely unusual blood clot events

The CDC And FDA Advise Delaying The J&J Coronavirus Vaccine
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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, Johnson & Johnson has announced that the Covid-19 vaccine will be discontinued indefinitely. The reason for this is the physical symptoms of rare species after their vaccine use. These symptoms are seen in the blood of different patients. So far 6 patients have been identified. Patients' blood shows these unusual signs two weeks after receiving the vaccine Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been given to more than 6 million patients so far. The idea is that the number of patients with these unknown symptoms may increase soon. According to various experts, such symptoms have never been seen before. Whether it is a common symptom of something big is still certain. The use of this vaccine has been stopped for the time being due to safety concerns. Special attention is also being paid to the body of those who have used it so far.

Explaining these symptoms in detail, it was informed that all the affected patients are women and 18-46 years old. It took them 6-13 days to get these symptoms. These symptoms are known as CVST. This causes the blood to slowly clot. Due to which one person has died so far. Heparin is usually used to treat such problems. But the effects of this disease are so exceptional that it is not possible to get results using heparin here. While it is possible to get results with more potent heparin, it is much more harmful. Due to which no other process will be used.

No word yet on how long this covid-19 vaccine will be discontinued. The idea is that information about its effects will be available in a few days. We have to wait till then. That's what FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock said. So far it has not been possible to find out what the vaccine has to do with blood clotting. The idea is that this is happening under the influence of a particular element. This may be due to a specific ingredient in the vaccine or due to a physical problem. Maybe in a short time, it will be possible to identify many more patients through which the real cause can be found out.

Experts say, "We know that even people who have been vaccinated will be very worried." They added that those who had received the vaccine more than a month ago were less likely to be infected or harmed.

"However, they are yet to explain themselves." It's uncertain what he'll do after leaving the job for the time being. However, those who have recently received this covid-19 vaccine are now experiencing the most side effects. So initially they are being monitored. Among the side effects are different types of pain. There are many more ailments, including severe headaches and leg pain. In addition to pain, there is shortness of breath and other side effects. Everyone is being warned about this and is being asked to contact a doctor for any unusual side effects. It is recommended to take medical treatment for any flu or pain and to perform necessary tests to know the type of disease.