Coronavirus: the UK might Face a Lack of Ventilators. 

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the UK and the state will face an acute lack of ventilators when the pandemic is at its peak, engineering firms warn.

Coronavirus: the UK might Face a Lack of Ventilators. 
Coronavirus: the UK might Face a Lack of Ventilators. 

Coronavirus: the UK might Face a Lack of Ventilators

Coronavirus situations in the UK will become the worst after two weeks according to the health officials. 

The UK government has estimated that they will need 30,000 ventilators when the pandemic riches to its peak, but currently the state has only over 8,000 ventilators and already they lack in the required number. 

Considering the deadline, manufacturers confirm that they can not meet that goal within this short time. 

But a firm related to manufacturing the life-saving machines confirmed that the ventilator production of the UK will be in good status by early May.  

The uncertainty within the government and industry is widespread. Of course, the UK needs ventilators but how many the manufacturers can produce and how much time they need is the reason behind the uncertainty. 

Dyson is such a firm to make 10,000 units. The head of this firm is Sir James Dyson, a British inventor. Already he has made the design and The Technology Partnership, a Cambridge-based medical firm, collaborated with him to do so. 

Dyson hopes that the design will get approval from the government within days and they will produce ventilators within two weeks. The timescale to approve the design is realistic or not is also a confusing question. 

Penlon and Smiths are medical ventilator specialists. The existing technology used by them in the simplified design is the focus of some other engineering firms like Airbus, Rolls Royce, GKN, and Meggitt. They will work on that design and produce them. 

There is also a need for consortium sourcing parts. For this reason, it is thought that there will be two new manufacturing facilities opened. One will be in the South West and another will be in the North.   

As many different firms consist of the consortium, how long it will take to get approval and then produce them is still not clear. 

Racing against the virus
The firms are separately in the consortium plan and they are ramping up supplies to firms Penlon and Smiths.   

According to one of the company's statements, "We are not racing each other, we are racing against the virus." 

The current situation also shows that there has been a lack of collaboration between government departments and firms. 

It is also not clear why the UK refrained from participating in procurement by the EU related to tens of thousands of new ventilators' orders. 

The junior Health Department officials unit had more jobs in-tray to perform and for this, they responded to the invitation too late. On the other hand, government sources claim that the program was not suitable to make the difference between the machines as the UK is also among the 28 countries that need the ventilators the most.  

According to Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister of the UK, the state is able to produce all the required units by itself but they need more time and in due time the infection in the UK will peak the most. 

The UK needs more ventilators and it is obvious. It does not matter wherever they get it from whomever. 

The target of ventilators for the UK is the same as New York, the third most populated state of the USA. For meeting the target of ventilators, Elon Musk promised to donate hundreds of ventilators.