Coronavirus’ Situation in Spain is Worse than China’s. 

Coronavirus death toll increases in Spain and surpasses China. 

Coronavirus’ Situation in Spain is Worse than China’s. 
Coronavirus’ Situation in Spain is Worse than China’s. 

Coronavirus’ Situation in Spain is Worse than China’s

Coronavirus is spreading everywhere and Spain is one of the worst victims after Italy. The death toll of coronavirus in Spain surpasses China and the number of confirmed cases there is 47,000. 

Spain is now the second-highest confirming death cases due to coronavirus spread. The figures show that it has surpassed China in death cases. 

Before touching the death figure of 3,434, Spain showed the highest death toll of 738 people within 24 hours. It is higher than Italy as the death toll was 683 in that period there. 

Until now, China confirms 3,285 deaths whereas 6,820 people died in Italy due to viral spread, the highest in the world. 

The infection rate in Spain is increasing rapidly and the hospitals are treating almost 27,000 people. 

Although Madrid is the worst affected region of the country, Catalonia also shows a high number of infection rates recently. 

The government confirms that Carmen Calvo, the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain has been positive in the test results. She showed respiratory symptoms and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. 

There will be voting by the MPs to extend the state of emergency and the extended period of emergency will continue until 11 April. In this period, none is allowed to go out of their home without emergency needs like buying food or medicines and going to workplaces.  

According to a data report compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected people worldwide now counts 460,000 cases causing more than 20,000 deaths and the number of recovery cases from the virus is more than 110,000. 

Before launching a $2bn appeal for the poor people worldwide, the UN addressed the virus as "threatening the whole of humanity."

General António Guterres, the UN chief says, "Global action and solidarity are crucial. Individual country responses are not going to be enough." 

What is happening in Spain?

On a report combining all the figures released by the health ministry on Wednesday, it became apparent the highest death toll in Spain taking away 738 lives within 24 hours. The total death toll is 3,647.   

The death toll of 738 is the highest in Spain and the number of confirmed cases is 47,610. 

Among the confirmed cases, nearly 10,000 belong to Catalonia whereas in Andalusia and the Basque Country have more than 3,000 cases. But, the country’s capital, Madrid is the worst affected area in Spain. It has already recorded 14,597 confirmed cases. 

The whole of Europe is facing tragic death tolls due to the coronavirus outbreak. Italy, France, the Uk are some of the mentionable countries with worse conditions.