Coronavirus Protection and Hand Sanitizer. 

Coronavirus vaccine is not available yet and hand sanitizer can be good protection.  

Coronavirus Protection and Hand Sanitizer. 
Coronavirus Protection and Hand Sanitizer. 

Coronavirus Protection and Hand Sanitizer. 

Coronavirus’s latest form COVID-19 is now a pandemic declared by the WHO and hand sanitizers have become one of the most chosen products to keep us safe. It can slow the viral spread of this deadly disease. 

But while using a hand sanitizer you may wonder how a simple looking liquid can kill such a deadly virus? 

Well, the hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and have the capacity to destroy microbes that will be bacterias and some viruses if not destroyed. 

Basically, alcohol is the main ingredient in hand sanitizers and particularly ethanol. Ethanol is also present in some drinks like beer or wine. Other types of alcohol used in hand sanitizers are isopropanol and N-propanol. Many manufacturers add other ingredients like water, fragrances and make it in a way that when you take the liquid on your hand, it dries up soon.  

But the alcohol is the weapon that kills the dangers, not the other ingredients. When you take some drops of alcohol-based sanitizers and it comes into contact with bacteria, a process called denaturation starts. While this process runs on, the outer coat and important proteins of the bacteria get unfolded and inactivated by the alcohol. For this reason, microbes can not stay together for long and ultimately they become useless or die. 

For better understanding, think of you are walking through a road on a very cold day and wearing a coat to protect you from cold. But, suddenly a magical machine shreds your coat into a million pieces. You can not feel the warmth from the coat anymore because it is not a coat anymore but mere pieces without threads. Likewise, the hand sanitizer destroys the outer coat of the bacterias and they become vulnerable even staying in the same conditions. 


Bactria gone but virus? 
Many of us think that hand sanitizers are worthy to fight bacteria but not against viruses. It is not true at all. But it is true that the bacteria have coats in most of them while the virus doesn't have coats in large numbers. 

But the good news is some viruses like COVID-19 have such types of coats. 

So, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% concentration of alcohol can fight against the viruses having enveloped with those coats and make your hands free from those types of microbes. The range of alcohol to kill the microbes is from 60% to 95%. The higher the percentage, the more microbes will die. So, it is better to check the percentage of alcohol in them when you buy them. 

If you can not find the percentage mentioned in the bottle or you are relying on homemade hand sanitizer, then don’t be sure that they will kill the virus for you. 

Again, being solely dependent on hand sanitizer is not a good idea even if they contain more than 60% alcohol. According to the CDC, it is better to wash your hand with warm water and soap if possible. So far, it is the best possible process to fight all germs and chemicals on your hands. CDC says, “Many studies show that hand sanitizers work well in clinical settings like hospitals, where hands come into contact with germs but generally are not heavily soiled or greasy.”

Another important part of using hand sanitizer is that you have to use them when you think your hands are not so dirty or full of germs. They don't work on hands full of dirt. So, when you come back from outside, it is good to use warm water and soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds to kill the microbes on your hands. Keep the hand sanitizer away at that time and use them after your hands dry or when you think they are less greasy and dirty. 

Using this kind of sanitation has been always important for good health, but now, it is a state of emergency when washing our hands is a matter of life and death. So, we should wash our hands with water and soap if dirty and use a hand sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol if the hands are less dirty. Stay at home and stay safe.