Coronavirus is Now A Pandemic as The World Health Organization Confirms

Coronavirus has spread over a hundred countries and is now a pandemic according to the World Health Organization

Coronavirus is Now A Pandemic as The World Health Organization Confirms
Coronavirus is Now A Pandemic

Coronavirus is Now A Pandemic as The World Health Organization Confirms


Coronavirus outbreak has become a global threat as the number of infected countries in more than one hundred and the WHO refers to it as pandemic disease.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the chief of the WHO said the number of infected people outside in China had increased dramatically, which is 13 fold higher in the last two weeks. He said the viral outbreak "alarming levels of inaction" and he was "deeply concerned."

The current situation of Coronavirus accurately follows the definition of a pandemic. When a disease spreads in multiple countries with high speed at the same time affecting too many people, it is a pandemic.

Italy has ordered the citizens to stay at home and not come out if not an emergency. Recently, the government ordered only food and pharmacies will remain open and other shops will remain close.

Italy is the highest locked down country in Europe. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said shops like cafes, restaurants, bars, and hairdressers who can not ensure 1-meter distance among their customer would remain closed.

This lockdown will continue till 25 March starting from Thursday.

WHO's saying on Coronavirus

Dr Tedros said that the countries should carry on what they are doing right now against the viral outbreak without changing although the WHO announces it a pandemic. 

But suggests the all the government should accelerate their current steps against the outbreak as it is taking "urgent and aggressive action" now.

He said, "Several countries have demonstrated that this virus can be suppressed and controlled. The challenge for many countries who are now dealing with large clusters or community transmission is not whether they can do the same - it's whether they will."

Many countries are currently following his appeal as they have made their restriction processes more stringent, so that virus activity remains checked.  

Until now, there have been 514 confirmed cases in Denmark, and it is 10-fold higher in comparison to the number since Monday. There is no death yet, but the country has already closed schools and universities from Friday. The employees serving in public sectors will go home if their physical appearance in the office is not mandatory. The government also cancelled all the attending that include more than 100 people.  

Other countries like India and Guatemala took restrictive measures for foreigners coming to visit them. Until 15 April, foreign visas are suspended in India, and Guatemala bans European citizens entrance from Thursday.


The situation in Iran and Italy

Italy has already closed gyms, schools, nightclubs, museums and other people gathering places countrywide.

The number of affected people in Italy is 12,000, and the coronavirus death toll there is 827. According to Michael Ryan, the head of the WHO's emergencies, the number of people is having treatment in intensive care is 900. 

He also mentioned the number of infected people in Iran is 9,000 and among them, 354 deaths occurring makes the situation "very serious." Although the WHO has sent 40,000 testing kits in Iran, they still face scarcity in oxygen and ventilators. 

He said, "Iran and Italy are suffering now, but I guarantee you other countries will be in that situation very soon."


Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, warned that nearly 70% of the state's people might have made contact with Coronavirus. As there is no known cure of this disease, she says it is wise to make sure the infection does not spread any more. She says, "It's about winning time." 

The country is also facing a rising number of infected people. The number of confirmed cases in Germany popped up to 1,567 from 1,296 and the Koch Institute for infectious diseases confirmed this.


The WHO's announcement coronavirus as a pandemic is a message for every individual to their best to be safe from this viral outbreak.