Coronavirus is Not Panic Yet for Your Pet Dog

Coronavirus spread quickly in humans but not in pets like dogs

Coronavirus is Not Panic Yet for Your Pet Dog

Coronavirus is Not Panic Yet for Your Pet Dog


Coronavirus outbreak is a threat for all of us, but not for pet dogs. One dog may have shown implications of viral infection at a low rate, but it does not mean that it will infect other pets or spread the virus.

According to the report by the authorities from Hong Kong, a lone dog having a low-grade infection rate and they suspect it was affected by human transmission. The reports got upgraded on Wednesday.

An authority member of the government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department confirms that they kept the dog under quarantine and are investigating the dog several times. The dog is not sick. 

The spread of coronavirus has already taken 3,000 lives worldwide. But the authorities say you need not worry about your or your neighbour’s pets.

Officials from the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ensures that they have not found any evidence of pets spreading the virus. The animal health organization says, “Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare.”

The government of Hong Kong says about this, “Apart from maintaining good hygiene practices, pet owners need not be overly concerned and under no circumstances should they abandon their pets.” This quote from them suggests that if a member of a family gets infected by the virus, they do not need to quarantine their pets. 

Where did the authority found the affected dog in Hong Kong? There was a patient affected with coronavirus in Hong Kong. He had a dog, and that dog got infected from its owner. The dog contains a low level of virus in its mouth and nose. After that, the authority checked the dog several times, and it shows the sign of the weak presence of the virus existence. They will keep the dog in quarantine as long as it does not recover fully.


Why one dog’s report is so important?

According to Raymond R.R. Rowland, many animals can survive still getting affected by such viruses. He is a veterinarian and studies swine viruses at Kansas State University.

If slightly affected swines posed massive threats to the whole herd, then the farmer’s livelihood may face a significant risk. But in reality, it does not happen.

He says, “That doesn’t say the animal is sufficiently infected that it can spread the virus.” So, low-level infection is not a major concern. The slightly infected hosts are a dead-end for the virus to make the condition of the host worse and to spread other animals or people as well.

Edward Dubovi worked on canine influenza in 2005. This Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says it is not a big surprise that the Hong Kong dog has a low-level infection. Humans can pass on viruses to animals, including their pets.