Coronavirus Forces Twitter Staff to Carry on Working from Home

Coronavirus outbreak is ongoing, and Twitter orders staff to work from home

Coronavirus Forces Twitter Staff to Carry on Working from Home
Coronavirus Forces Twitter

Coronavirus Forces Twitter Staff to Carry on Working from Home


Coronavirus is a running threat to many companies' economies. This lithal outbreak has already shut down many factories, and currently, people work from home. Twitter also does the same to avoid Covid-19 spread. 

Twitter is one of the biggest social media giants in the present world. It has made it mandatory for the staff working in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan to do their job remotely without attending the office physically. A recent blog post by this company confirms that.


The company takes a vital step to keep its 5,000 employees working worldwide safe. For this, it ordered the staff not to come to the workplace and considered their effort "strongly encouraging."

Before this announcement, the company also banned its workers from all non-essential business travel and events a day ago.

The announcement of pulling out of South was already made in Austin, Texas, by the Southwest media conference. 

Jennifer Christie is the head of the human resources of Twitter. She says, "Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus for us - and the world around us."

From the post, it is also evident that Twitter has been working on developing such an environment that allows the staff to work remotely. As the virus attack is big a change for all companies along with Twitter, it emphasizes on a system that enables the workforce to do its job staying at home. As a global service platform, Twitter wants to ensure its employees to work for the company from anywhere.

According to Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive, remote working is proper, and he always supported it. He made an announcement in the last November about living six months in Africa and work remotely as well. 

Many companies in Aisa are following this step as many regions face the viral outbreak. It is a similar measure by most American companies as prevention is better than cure. They are taking preparation before this unwanted Coronavirus becomes epidemic in the US.

Some other giants, like Google and Facebook, also canceled or postponed their conferences in the USA.Facebook also followed Twitter is pulling out of South by Southwest. 

Google's staff working in the European headquarters in Dublin will start working remotely form Tuesday for testing the preparation of Ireland if a potential outbreak occurs. But a large number of workers are expected to rejoin their workplace on Wednesday.  

Other companies like A&T, a telecoms operator, and Citigroup, a banking giant, restricted their staff from international travel, including traveling in Asia.

The outbreak has already spread from Asia to the Middle East, Europe, and the US, and the Coronavirus death toll is 3,000 worldwide. So, it is a wise announcement by Twitter.