Coronavirus Death Toll Touches 475 Deaths in One Day in Italy. 

Coronavirus takes 475 lives in one day, highest in Italy. 

Coronavirus Death Toll Touches 475 Deaths in One Day in Italy. 
Coronavirus Death Toll Touches 475 Deaths in One Day in Italy. 

Coronavirus Death Toll Touches 475 Deaths in One Day in Italy. 

Coronavirus affects Italy the most in Europe. The outbreak has taken 475 lives in one day, and the death toll counts nearly 3,000. The number of dead people is the highest recorded in Italy in one day.


 At present, the total number of confirmed cases in Italy is 35,713, and among them, 4,000 have recovered successfully. 

Lombardy is the worst place with the infection recording 319 deaths in one day. 

The number of total deaths caused by the disease is now at least 8,758 people. Most of the deaths are recorded in China, the first country where the virus originated last year. Italy is the worst sufferer after China.  

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the world has confirmed more than 200,000 confirmed cases. Most of the affected people, like 80%, reside in the Western Pacific region, including a large portion of Asia and Europe as well. The WHO also declares it as a pandemic. 

For fighting this known enemy, many countries have taken some drastic steps like canceling major events and implementing social distancing. It will help the health system by slowing down transmission and reduce pressure.  

Tedros Ghebreyesus, the chief of the WHO, says, "But to suppress and control epidemics, countries must isolate, test, treat and trace," on Wednesday. 

Italy is under lockdown for almost two weeks to slow down the viral spread across the country. 

Although people are staying at home, the death toll is on the rise. 

Mike Ryan, the director of emergencies in the WHO, said the reason behind the number increasing because there are an "astonishing" number of people in the current health system and a considerable number of elderly people. 

According to Tedros, the first vaccine trial is "an incredible achievement."

Earlier this week, the American experts start vaccine' trials on the human for the first time at the Kaiser Permanente research facility in Seattle. But experts have to wait for several months to see whether the vaccine works on humans or not. 

Situation in Europe

The number of infected people in Spain is now 13,716, and 598 died of this lethal virus. The authority has launched an inquiry on the death of 17 residents of a nursing home in Madrid. Here, many cases of Covid-19 have been reported. 

On Tuesday, the number of infected people counted 7,730, with an increasing rate of 16%. The death toll now counts 175, and 7% among them were under 65. 

The number of dead people in the UK is now 104. 

Germany confirms 8,198 cases where the death toll is 12. Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasize the fact that the citizens should abide by the restrictions so that they can fight the pandemic. She says, "Since German reunification, actually, since World War Two, there has never been a challenge for our country in which acting in solidarity was so very crucial."

In Belgium, among the 1,486 cases, 14 died already.   

What about the borders in Europe?

As a part of the EU's 30-day ban to travel within the 27 countries, travelers are restricted from entering into the country from the airport and border.  

The internal borders that have opened recently should be locked down as EU leaders urge. 

This restriction is only for travelers, not for people going home back or cross-border workers. 

An interim Brexit deal between the EU and the UK is an essential reason that the citizens of the UK are not affected. 

This ban will not stop people from returning home. As a part of this policy, Germany will help flying many people from Morocco and Egypt to the Philippines and Argentina.   

Many countries are now alert to keep their citizens at home as long as possible, and they are only allowed to come out if they have definite reasons.