Cloud Computing, The Invisible Data Store

Cloud computing is the latest process of keeping our data safe on the internet.

Cloud Computing, The Invisible Data Store
Cloud Store
Cloud Computing, The Invisible Data Store

Cloud Computing, The Invisible Data Store



Close your eyes and imagine how clouds look like up above the Sky. They are just floating and going away miles to milestone. The sky and the ground have a hundred percent of cloud’s coverage so that our earth gets wet when it’s raining. But, why am I talking about Clouds and Rain here?


I feel like, that’s the easiest way to make you understand soft and smoothly. Please keep reading with no hustle till the end. Hopefully, you can get the best idea on Cloud Computing.


When our earth becomes so sunny over the ocean, the water turns to aqueous vapor and gets at the sky. Functionally, a gathering of aqueous vapor turns to the Cloud and it rains everywhere. Cloud computing is also the same process to serve your Computer’s data reserved in the cloud! But, how is this possible to store your documents there? 

Sometimes your PC contains 1TB Hard disk but because of your office management or schooling, you need more storage to reserve extra data. In case, investing to buy another 1TB HDD is very costly and store your data to another memory is often risky also. But, What if you can store unlimited data online?


Yes, Storing data in the online is possible if you’ve just an Email or Google account! 

Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Box are the examples of cloud storage where you can reserve personal data safely with no extra HDD at your computer. Office documents, Group picture/videos, Audio, slide or presentation, Multimedia, Applications can be stored therein the Cloud storage. 


But, How Cloud storage and Cloud computing helps? 

Suppose, you run a small SEO firm where you have 20 employees with 20 different computers. Some of them are working on the different parts like WEB designing, WEB Management, Article writing, Graphics, Data entry ETC! At the finish of the day, they store all their work in a document but what if they own a PC of 1GB HDD? 


Within a few months, PC storage is gonna running low if documents are just reserved at the hard disk. In case you need to get immediate storage to save important data. Here, you need to use Cloud software to reserve unlimited storage in your pocket. Also, wherever you stay around the world, cloud storage can recover your necessary data on the instant. 

If you understand the cloud storage function, I would like to start telling about Cloud computing. At your office, 20 employers are working in a different sector but all the work should be monitored by the main Computer. This computer is called the Root computer of all the connected computers. All the computers at the office are linked to each other but controlled by one! In case, employees can store their office sheet to the Cloud software (Ex; Google drive) or share with someone. With the blessings of cloud computing, not only an office but also International freelancers are very much regretful. 


Here we describe the main benefits of Cloud computing below:

Unlimited storage:


  • A computer’s storage is always in a limitation. It can be 500GB or 1TB! But, when you have bulk files to store what is not possible to do in your HDD, you should find out the Cloud storage. Sometimes you can use a free trial and sometimes if you need more storage you should pay a very low payment comparing your demand. 


Chain of command role:


  • When an office and marketing management remains under an only network, it is safe to control all the procedures along with a hand. You can share, save and represent an office document instantly. No matter wherever you’re, you can log into cloud storage by using mail and password. For a CEO, it is very much controllable to manage many presentations of the employers in a short time. 


Less costing:


  • Cloud computing saves your money to buy another HDD if necessary! Because of the online storage, it becomes easy to store thousands of files safely and at a very short cost. You can manage cloud computing to manage an office, university presentation or Freelancing project! What’s more, do you expect to get free storage whenever you need it?