Facebook will pay Content Moderators Working from Home. 

Facebook's content moderators in the US working as the third party will get paid for working from home. 

Coronavirus | Virtual Mediums and Older People

Coronavirus affects older than younger people. Virtual mediums can keep both groups in touch

Coronavirus | Apple Closes Most of Stores for Two Weeks

Coronavirus outbreak forces Apple to shut most of the stores for two weeks

Intel Completes AMD's Journey

Intel processors are like our childhood pal. Who does not know about Intel having a laptop or desktop

Google Urges Staff to Work from Home for Coronavirus Outbreak.

Google follows other companies' footprint to ensure staff health and orders them to work from home. 

Tiktok's New Challenge, Skull-Breaker is Dangerous

TikTok's skull-breaker challenge injured adolescents as it is dangerous

Facebook Needs Replanning For Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook needs to reshape its plans on launching Libra cryptocurrency as regulators are against it

Coronavirus Forces Twitter Staff to Carry on Working from...

Coronavirus outbreak is ongoing, and Twitter orders staff to work from home

AI in Discovering Powerful Antibiotics

AI, with its Machine learning capacity, finds out molecules as powerful antibiotics worth fighting against ‘untreatable’ bacteria

An Unusual but Touchy Reunion Through Virtual Reality

Mother met with her 'dead' daughter with this technology and went viral on Youtube