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Coronavirus | Apple Closes Most of Stores for Two Weeks

Coronavirus outbreak forces Apple to shut most of the stores for two weeks

The powerful States with Nuclear Bombs

Today, how powerful a state depends on the number of nuclear weapons it has.

Modern Technology Making Humans Efficient Or Lazier

Modern technology is bound to make human life easier but it has made us inefficient as well.

2049, The Ultimate Future

Let’s welcome our future to gift us a wonderful world!  Say Hello to 2050.

A view the World’s first electric flight simulation

If you see the statistic result, in the last 100 years, CO2 has been 35% increased to the atmosphere. It proves how our planet is...

Unsinkable Metal’s Scientism and Superhydrophobic Theory

After a hundred years of a massive disaster like the sinking of the Titanic, there has been a significant transformation to science...