Bat Survives with Deadly Viruses | But How?

Bats are amazing in surviving with many deadly viruses.

Sea Turtles' Attraction to Plastic Leads to their Extinction. 

Sea turtles in the seas mistake plastic for food and consume them. 

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Coronavirus spread quickly in humans but not in pets like dogs

Ants Fantastic Social Life

Ants live a social life as human d

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Caloric restriction has always been beneficial. New research shows it can protect aging on cellular levels

Extreme Creatures on Earth Are on The Verge of Extinction...

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India's Several Bird Species are Declining

India completes its first major report highlighting bird species decline on a large scale

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Bumblebees use their brains' senses to experience things differently in day and night

Bumblebees Carry More| Consume Less

Surprising Flight techniques while heavily loaded with nectar

Without Bees| We Have Only Four Years! 

Bees give us food and support besides honey.