Cancer Depends on Our Food Habits

Cancer can affect people with improper food habits.

Cancer Depends on Our Food Habits
Food Habits

Cancer Depends on Our Food Habits 


Cancer is a deadly disease. About 200000 people die of cancer every year all over the world. Yet people are not aware of this mortality. Due to our eating habits and geographical reasons, we may be affected by this disease. Also, 70% of cancers can indeed be cured through good diet habits. And the rest 30% depends on genetics and environmental factors which are out of our control. So we can control our diet. Today, we will know about seven foods that we are unknowingly consuming, which can cause cancer. If we make ourselves aware of this food, at least the risk of cancer will decrease.

1. Canned Product:

All canned food preserved with chemicals and this food contains high levels of sugar and salt. But this is the not main reason that’s why you should avoid canned food. The main reason is the cans that contain food. These cans are not healthy because they are linked with the dangerous chemical BPA (Bisphenol A); this BPA is also known as a hormone disrupter, which related to cancer. Not only cancer BPA also linked to fertility problems, male impotence, heart diseases, and so on.


2. Potato chips:

It is good to avoid picketing food such as potato chips. Potato chips contain a lot of salt and fat, which is inexorable with our digestive system. And this is the reason for the increased chance of cancer. Another reason when this food cooked to a high temperature, a chemical occurs named acrylamide (a carcinogenic chemical) which is increasing the risk of affected cancer.

3. Smoked and Grilled Meats:

In our food list a lot of tasty food produced from red meat such as sausage, smoked barbeque, grilled food, bacon, jerky, etc. And it’s very hard to avoid these foods because they seem too appealing. Although we can eat them in a limit for our betterment. Generally, red meat contains high fat. When this red meat preserved using nitrates and nitrites, then these foods become dangerous for us. Because nitrates and nitrite linked to cancer. Another research becomes known that if red meat is not well cooked, it’s very much hazardous for health as it causes cancer. 


4. Microwave popcorn:

Popcorn is the most lovely food for us. Everyone likes to eat it. Also, popcorn is not bad for our health. But when this popcorn stored in microwave bags, then the problem occurs. Most microwave bags linked with PFOA (Perfluorinated acid). And PFOA is connected to the occurrence of pancreas, kidney, liver, bladder and testicular cancer. Air popcorn is safe, but microwave popcorn is not safe for us.

5. Alcohol:

For many purposes, excess alcohol intake is terrible for our health. Drinking to excess makes it particularly hard for your liver and kidneys to function, not to mention causes a whole series of lousy brain decisions. Studies also show that taking too much alcohol puts you at higher risk of mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, and rectum cancer. What is too much? In general, one drink per day is considered safe for women and two for men, but there is no real health advantage in alcohol at all. Red wine does produce some heart-healthy resveratrol, but red grapes do so.

6. Hydrogenated Oils:

You may assume that vegetable oil should be safe, but this is another situation where natural products made harmful by refining them. Oil can not be derived from whole plants, so they undergo a phase of chemical extraction. The oil is then dyed, and the usual scent is removed to make the finished product look appealing. That renders the oil hydrogenated, in this chemical process.


7. Soda Pop:

Soda pop is not wholly bad for us even we need sugar in small amounts. On the other hand, also, the cancer cell’s favorite food is sugar. And soda contains enough amount of sugar. It also has no redeeming nutritional value, and because of the additional artificial chemicals and colors, this places you at a higher risk of cancer. If you need a boost in caffeine concentration, a much safer alternative is mildly sweetened tea or coffee, which both have anti-cancer properties.

If we want a healthy and happy life for us, we should avoid this food as possible as we can.