California Declares A State of Emergency for Coronavirus

California is in the list of states of emergency as coronavirus death toll starts counting

California Declares A State of Emergency for Coronavirus
California Declares A State of Emergency

California Declares A State of Emergency for Coronavirus


California has given the toll to coronavirus death for the first time and declared a state of emergency as well. The total number of death due to coronavirus in the US is now 11. 

The first instance of death takes a 71-year-old man who was facing health conditions. The patient had been on a cruise ship before he died in a hospital situated near Sacramento. 

On Wednesday, the White House confirmed the nation to complete tests covering all the states. 

Until now, 16 states currently having 150 cases affected by Covid-19. 

At the same time, there are 92,000 affected people worldwide, with more than 80,000 in China. The death toll to coronavirus is more than 3,000, and the majority of the deaths occurred in China.  

Excepting the first death in California, the previous ten death happened in Washington state. But the outbreak is also going on Nebraska and Texas. 

On the last weekend, both Florida and Washington declared states of emergency to fight coronavirus spread.  

The 71-year-old man might have spread the disease to others as he was travelling on a cruise ship after being affected by a coronavirus. He was in the Princess Cruise ship that went to Mexico from San Francisco.   

Officials report that they had already ordered the vessel to come back to San Francisco. 

A similar case of a quarantining cruise ship happened earlier this year because the passenger in that vessel showed positive Covid-19 test results. This vessel’s name was Diamond Princess cruise liner run by the same company, Carnival. The ship started from Japan and destined for the US. 


Testing Speeded Up

The US government has emphasized coronavirus testing as Mike Pence; US Vice-President declared any American can go through the testing process if any doctor instructs. 

President Donald Trump appointed Mr Pence so that he can monitor the outbreak in the US. On-camera briefings about the current situation of the virus are on their way, the White House confirms. 

According to some of the health officials, Trump administration is slow in showing due response to a severe issue like this. 

Currently, there are restrictions posed on tests by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mr Pence confirms that there will be no more restrictions in testing and they will boost up the testing processes so that anyone concerned about viral infection can test quickly.  

Mr Pence said, "When I talked to some state officials, there was a sense that the tests would not be administered to people that were mildly symptomatic. We're issuing clear guidance that, subject to doctors' orders, any American can be tested."

His promise is satisfying, but without lifting the restriction posed on public health laboratories for testing processes, it will not come true. 

Another fact about the testing is the cost as uninsured Americans need to pay $1,000 for having tested for once. 

For fighting the financial issue, approval of $8.3bn in emergency aid by the US House of Representatives is a timely response by the government. 

At present, the US authorities are facing many challenges in dealing with coronavirus. It is evident in a series of cases in a suburb of New York City. 

A lawyer in Manhattan fell ill with the virus, later his all family members including his wife and two children, showed positive results. A neighbour of the lawyer took him to the hospital and carried the virus further.  

In Westchester county, there are currently 1,000 people who have elf-quarantined themselves. 

So far, there are two reported patients found in New York. 

The US government prohibits foreign nationals from travelling to the US who have recently visited China. 

According to the US Travel Association, they are expecting a 6% drop in international inbound from now to May. They said it on Tuesday. They will face a significant loss as the number of international inbounds in this period was about 79.3 million last year. 

After China, South Korea is the worst victim of the disease. So far, 516 new cases appeared on Wednesday that makes the total number of 5,328 infected cases. The death toll of this country is now 35.